Folding Options for Clothing Labels

Folding Options for Clothing Labels

While folding your clothing labels may seem like the least important thing to consider, it can make a huge difference in how successful and durable your custom clothing labels are. While many people forget this stage, it is very important to consider when you are designing your labels.

If you are going to have a center-folded label, or a looped label, you need to design two separate sides and plan on sewing these into one of the seams on your garment. If you have ordered this kind of label for other garments, but find you need it for a scarf or a more delicate shirt, you can loop it over the end of a scarf of the end of a sleeve cuff. For those who just want a relatively simple name label, though, center-folded labels may not be the best option. Instead, consider a straight cut or side-edge fold label.

These labels work well if you are going to attach them by sewing on two parallel sides. The look is nicely finished whether you sew it straight or fold under each edge and attach it that way. If your logo and company name are the only information being included on the label, this is usually the way to go. They are also the best option for those who have little experience with sewing, since they can be attached anywhere on a garment.

If you don’t want to have to choose a fold, consider ordering iron-on labels or stick-on labels as a more modern, easy-to-attach alternative. They won’t look as traditional, but they will bring a more modern feel to the clothes, and will look simple and clean.

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