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Fun Labels

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Labeling for kids can be difficult. Kids are often more sensitive to the opinions of their peers, and thus can be reluctant to embrace clothing labels that keep them from losing their clothes, or stick-on labels that keep their supplies from disappearing from their backpacks and their desks. Their skin also tends to be more sensitive than most, meaning labels on clothes can irritate them.

Thus, It’s Mine Labels has created a “Fun Label” alternative for each of our clothing name labels, including iron-on fun labels, stick-on fun clothing labels for kids, stick-on fun labels, stick-on mini fun labels, stick-on fun shoe labels, fun bag tags and fun mini bag tags. Each of these labels and tags have fun designs and colors in common, and tend to be slightly softer than other, plain labels.

These kid-friendly labels have different symbols, colors and fonts that can be selected to personalize them for any child, and they can be attached as discreetly or openly as you like, depending on location. For instance, if your child is easily embarrassed by extra name labels on their clothing, attach them to the inside of their sleeve cuff, or on the bottom hem of the shirt, instead of in the back of the neck. Since the stick-on and iron-on labels are also thin and flexible, they are ideal for linens or sheets, in addition to clothes, allowing you to keep your kids’ sheets separate, if they have the same set and are concerned about having them mixed up.