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Fun Stick On Shoe Labels

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If you would like to label your child’s shoes, sew in labels and iron on clothing labels aren’t the best options, as both are difficult, if not impossible, to attach to shoes. Fun stick-on shoe name labels are shaped perfectly to fit into the inside of your child’s shoes, attach firmly to the sole, won’t peel or wear with excessive use, and come with fun colors and designs, making them the perfect kid-friendly label.

These labels can be ordered with as many as three lines of text, with up to ten characters in each line, and have eight different kid-approved designs from which to choose. They can also be pressed onto the inside of most clothing items, and are durable enough that they will last through the washer and dryer. They have been tested and designed to stay thin, smooth and like new, through many months of excessive use, exposure to moisture, friction, and more.

Many parents choose to use these labels not only on shoes, but also on children’s clothes for school, camp and day care, and on bed and bath linens. If you want shoe labels that are smaller and will last just as long, you can order the smaller, standard, stick-on labels and order clear shoe label covers. These clear stickers go over other labels and make them just as durable as the fun stick-on shoe labels are, allowing you to choose a label at the color, design and size that fits your needs and that your child is guaranteed to love.