Get Custom Sewing Labels for Your Next Project

Get Custom Sewing Labels for Your Next Project

Do you run your own business and need a way to label your garments? Hand-sewn clothes are surging in popularity again, and many people have begun selling their handmade goods through online retailers. Designer tags in the backs of shirts or other garments are a great way to add a personal touch to your clothes. Whether you’re a freelance seamstress or a small business owner, know that our custom sewing labels are sure to look attractive while offering the perfect embellishment to your garments.

Choosing High-Quality Materials

At It’s Mine Labels, we know it’s an important decision to add custom sewing labels to your projects, so we make sure our products are durable and stylish. We use high quality materials for all our labels. We have different synthetic and woven materials to choose from. You can even choose the background color with our designer labels, and never have to worry about any colors running or fading over time. They will last even after countless times through the washer and dryer.

Choosing the Right Tag for Your Project

Before you begin customizing your tags, it’s important to determine which type of sewing label will be right for your project. We want to inform you of the different kinds available, and how to choose the best tag for your project.

Clothing Tags

Different types of garments, such as baby clothes and dresses, are very popular things to buy online. Clothing labels are usually inside of the garment, so for those with sensitive skin, we have many options for flat labels and letter transfers that feel smooth to the touch. See our product page for a full list of our iron-on labels.

If you want to add even more personality to your tag, it might be fun to create a designer label! Designer tags are woven fabric with embroidered text and a favorite among clothing makers.

Quilts and Bedding

Quilts are truly a labor of love, as they take a long time to make and are treasured for years. When you attach your custom sewing labels onto a quilt, you will probably want to create a discrete label for the underside corner, and choose one that will not distract from the design. Quilts don’t often see a washer and dryer, so you might prefer an iron-on label. We have several different satin labels in black and white, and other standard labels that are customizable.

Knitting and Crochet

Woven goods like hats, scarves, and mittens are popular in the winter and usually aren’t washed and dried until the end of the season. If you want fabric tags to stay where you put them, then consider a woven tag which will complement the material. Iron-on tags work best with flat fabrics, so you will find sew-on labels are better suited for your purposes.

How to Create Custom Sewing Labels

When you design a custom label with us, every detail can be adjusted to your liking. In our woven labels, you have a choice of fabric color, thread color, and even different fonts. Our fabric tags are embroidered using high quality thread. When you design your label, you’ll want to think about the best thread color to go with the tag color. Don’t forget, these tags are usually sewn on the inside of clothing, so don’t be afraid of trying out some of our creative colors. We offer the full rainbow, and even have some fun shades with sparkly finishes.

Preview Tool

It’s Mine Labels works hard to make your designs come to life. To help you visualize your choices, we offer a preview tool so that you can tweak your design to your liking. With this unique program, you can input all your choices from color, font, and even a small image or icon. You can see how all the different elements come together to make the label you need.

Want to give it a try and start designing? Check out our product page for a full list of our custom sewing labels, where you can find additional sizes and styles. Don’t forget to preview your label before adding it to your cart.

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