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A Guide to Label Folds

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As you have likely discovered if you have ever sat down to design a custom clothing label, they tend to be more complicated than you think. First you need to choose what type of label, what colors to use, what fabric you want, what information to include and much more. Perhaps one of the least obvious decisions is what fold you want to use when attaching your clothing labels to your garments.

Here are a few of the most common name label folds.

  1. Center Fold: The center fold is one of the most common folds. This fold is achieved where a clothing label is folded in half to create a loop label often found inside the neck of shirts. They often have the company’s logo or name on the front, and care and garment information on the back. We recommend using a softer, thinner material for this fold to avoid unsightly bulges, bumps or wrinkles in your garment. If the fabric is too rough, it may also cause skin irritation.
  2. Straight Cut: This cut, also called the fuse cut, is a label that is sewn on all four sides or ironed on and has no folds. It simply lies flat on the garment or bag. This is an ideal fold for canvas bags or the back of jeans, and is also often used inside the neck of many shirts. These folds don’t create a crease or bump, and often cause less irritation than other folds if attached correctly.