Holiday Windows Still Important for Retailers

Holiday Windows Still Important for Retailers

From department stores to fashion clothing, holiday window displays are still important for retailers. Macy’s created the first holiday window displays in New York City back in the 1870s. Since then, major retailers use the window displays to help influence holiday shoppers and help inspire purchasing decisions. Since that time, holiday window displays have become a seasonal attraction, and some of the better ones quickly become “must-see” displays for locals and have the potential to draw tourists from all over the globe.

Holiday window displays are very powerful marketing tools when used correctly. Creative designs do much more than simply drive sales for retailers. The windows can create feelings of warmth, affection, and other such emotions, which people remember long after the holiday season. As result, consumers feel a sense of loyalty to specific retailers and their brands. An effective holiday display can turn into repeat purchase all through the year.

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In the digital age, and despite growing online sales, window displays lend themselves to an physical experience where people can see items in person. In cases where it is not possible to visit the popular holiday displays in person, retailers and consumers post videos and images online to share their extensive holiday displays and the excitement that these experiences create in others. In addition, some holiday displays start trending online, further extending the reach of the retailer and driving people to their physical location and online store.

Regardless of how the holiday windows are viewed, the most popular ones influence roughly 25% of holiday sales made by consumers online and in person at the retailers. So, if you have a physical brick and mortar retail location, do not overlook the power an effective holiday window display can have on your retail sales.

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