How Do You Label Your Kid’s Clothing?

How Do You Label Your Kid’s Clothing?

There are all sorts of different ways you can label your kid’s clothing. The method you use often signifies a particular level of attention and detail when it comes to your child’s clothing. Some parents do nothing and have never labeled any of their kid’s clothing. The problem with this approach is that items tend to go missing. They end up in the school’s lost and found or go home with another student. These same parents frequently replace their child’s missing clothing out of the school’s lost and found by taking apparel that other parents also did not label.

While this might work for some parents, others would rather ensure their child’s clothing is easy to identify should it get misplaced or end up in the school’s lost and found. Some parents resort to using markers. The problem with markers is they wear off in the wash—even permanent ones—and have to be reapplied every week or two. A better option for parents who do not sew is to use iron on clothing labels or snap-on tags. These are easy to apply to a wide range of materials.

For parents who sew, there are woven or stitched clothing labels you can sew into your child’s clothes. For more information or assistance in selecting clothing labels for your child’s clothing, contact It’s Mine! Labels today at 1-866-695-2235.

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