How Personal Shopping Can Attract New Customers

How Personal Shopping Can Attract New Customers

From tracking down an out-of-stock item, to organizing a custom fitting, personal shoppers do more than simply providing style advice. At the luxury level, personal shoppers can even act as assistants, with responsibilities ranging from opening a store after-hours to completing seasonal shopping lists. This level of a care can mean big payoffs for a brand, including increased sales and brand loyalty. Here are just a few reasons why personal shopping can improve business at your store.

The Customer Perks

When a customer proves they’re a loyal client, a store will go to many lengths to make them happy. This can be as simple as providing an in-house tailor for the perfect fit, to offering special changing rooms so customers can wear their purchases the same day. High end-stores routinely provide opulent perks to top-spending clients, including invitations to runway shows, plus customized hotel bookings and makeup appointments. Luxury jewelry stores have even been known to fly a piece to a customer around the world in order to influence a purchase decision!

The Return on Investment

Waiting on a customer hand and foot inside private lounges is a great perk, but means a major investment for the brand. Many say it’s worth it, however, as it’s been proven that customers who feel attention has been lavished on them are likely to spend more. The reasoning is simple: the more products that are displayed to a customer, the more apt they are to purchase several items. For example, a customer who enters a store to buy a simple pair of pants may walk out with an entire outfit, with the help of a personal shopper.

How It Works

  • Exposure: The name of the game. The more products that are presented to a client, the more items they can consider for purchase.  For example, when shopping for a formal dress, a personal shopper may provide a client with a variety of accessories, like shoes or jewelry, to increase the sale.
  • Curation: Personal shoppers can help style an entire look, based around unique parameters set by the client. This includes budget, occasion for shopping (like formal events or special travel), and, of course, tastes or personal style. Shoppers know a store’s merchandise inside and out, and can handle specific requests from a client. For example, finding a tea-length cocktail dress or shopping for items with custom woven labels.
  • Service: Most stores with personal shoppers don’t require a minimum spent in order to use their offerings. However, it’s a bold move to walk out without a purchase after an extensive personal shopping experience. This fact, alone, can drive increased sales when using a personal shopper.

Personal Shopping at All Price Points

Fast-fashion companies are increasingly introducing personal shopper services. In this market, making a sale is a mixture of customer service as well as set-up. For example, providing a private area of the store complete with amenities like complimentary beverages. Providing this level of service in an industry that has traditionally been known for fast and impersonal service makes customers more apt to buy – and return in the future with friends.

As the retail market becomes more competitive, customers seek personalized shopping experiences. These days, brands are using personal shopping and other custom options, like clothing labels, in the fight for share of wallet. To learn how It’s Mine Labels can help you diversify your brand, call 1-866-695-2235.

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