How to Better Market Your Product using Labels

How to Better Market Your Product using Labels

Almost every product needs packaging to make a sale. Packaging can include many different layers, from boxes or sleeves that hold the actual product, to shipping containers to help your product travel from a warehouse or factory. Each layer of packaging is another way to include labels that help sell your product. Labels do more than tell a customer the necessary details or ingredients; they can also help catch the eye of potential customers, as well as provide differentiation between competing brands. Buying name labels can:

Catch a Consumer’s Eye

Packaging labels are the first thing a customer sees, so make a good first impression. Make sure your packaging is clear, easy to read, and, most of all, well-designed. A great label may influence a purchase decision over a competitor’s product. For example, a consumer shopping for perfume will always take into account the smell of the fragrance; though many perfume lovers also judge how a bottle or packaging will look on display in their collection before buying. Most consumers are more likely to select a product due to a chic or sleek label when given the choice.

Handle Marketing Needs

Use labels to express new announcements or unique selling propositions, such as:

  • Communicating important information, like core product benefits or tips, ease of use, or the size of recommended portions for food and drink products, etc.
  • Sharing testimonials from customers or relevant press and endorsements
  • Encouraging online traffic by advertising website or social media landing pages right on the label
  • Identifying short or long term promotions such as new product release or current sales and discounts

Provide Value

Packaging and labels should be the primary way for any company to communicate their product, helping the consumer connect with the brand and differentiate among products in the same category. These days, busy consumers have limited time to make a product selection, so labels should be recognizable or eye-catching to stand out in overcrowded retail markets. Great labels are also a way to increase added value. If a label looks expensive, it adds more enjoyment to the purchase.  Here a few ways in which labels can be customized to add luxury as well as value:

  • Embossing directly onto a package as a form of labeling
  • Decorating a label with textured or metallic ink
  • Premium printing for packaging that will last
  • Removable elements, like charms or accessories that that can be worn after opening the package

Increase Impulse Purchases

Retail products purchased impulsively depend heavily on packaging and labels to encourage a buying decision. Items of this nature, such as media like DVDs or software, are often purchased without the assistance from a store employee. This magnifies the opportunity and impact of the product’s label.

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