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How to Label Garments for Shy Children

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One of the many puzzles you may confront as a parent and a labeler is a sensitive child or teenager. If you have one, they may think that extra It’s Mine Labels on their clothing and other belongings are embarrassing and look childish, here are some tips for getting creative with labeling.

  • If you are labeling something with a lid, attach the label on the underside of the lid so that it is not visible when the lid is on and can be easily hid when your child removes it.
  • Order clothing labels in muted, neutral colors so that the extra labels don’t necessarily draw attention.
  • More expensive items like iPods can avoid a label if your child will agree to have their name saved as the background on the lock screen. This way, if their iPod gets mixed up with a friend’s they need only to click the on button and they will see whom it belongs to.
  • Use ink transfers to keep from adding extra thread or bulk and causing clothes to bulge.