How to Remove Clothing Labels before Donating Clothes

How to Remove Clothing Labels before Donating Clothes

Your kids quickly outgrow their clothing and apparel, and, unless you are able to reuse it for your younger children, it often ends up being donated to a charity or sold to a secondhand resale shop or garage sale. For parents who labeled their kid’s clothing, it is a good idea to remove name labels before getting rid of the clothing. The last thing you want is for a complete stranger to get your kid’s clothes and know their name.

Removing the labels is not difficult, nor does it take a long time to do, depending upon the types of labels on the clothing. If you took the easy way and used snap-on tags, these just pop off by removing the retainer clip on the back side of the tag. If you used iron on labels, these take a little more time, but are easy to remove using a razor blade and carefully sliding it under the label while pulling it off the clothes.

If you used custom woven labels and sewed them into the seam of the clothing, the easiest way to remove these is to simply cut the label off as close to the seam as possible. Otherwise, use a seam ripper tool to break the stitching and remove the label. Some of the labels you remove may be able to be reused on your child’s new clothing. If not, you can obtain new labels from It’s Mine! Labels by calling 1-866-695-2235 now.

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