How Important Is Color?

How Important Is Color?

Color matching and accuracy can be incredibly important for some companies when they print custom clothing labels, with the difference between plum and royal purple being a disastrous one. For other companies, exact color matching is less important, and blue is blue, as long as the shade is close. We recommend you choose to be one of the former companies.

Studies indicate that color is more important than many people would at first guess. In fact, people make subconscious decisions about a product, their environment or people, within 90 seconds of first looking at it, and more than 62% of their assessment is based on color alone. Colors stimulate different emotions, feelings and sensations, and brand managers often pick the shades and hues in your logo or company label with extreme care, to create certain emotional reactions in customers. Also, if your colors on your clothing labels are slightly off from the logo your customers are familiar with, they may view your company as less professional.

Another study reveals that color choice can increase brand recognition by as much as 80%, meaning the color on your name label is incredibly important for making your business memorable. Take Coca-Cola and Pepsi as an example. Their logos are almost identical, but you can most likely identify them by red or blue. Pepto Bismol is another example of a product where color plays a significant role in branding.

For the most effective branding and clothing labels, we recommend you pay extra attention to color, and make sure you match colors on all of your labels, signs, ads and more, as exactly as possible.

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