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Increase Brand Identity with Labels

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Increase Brand Identity with Labels

One of the most important elements of business for a company in any industry is branding. If you can’t establish a strong brand, then your company is unlikely to survive for very long. You brand is what not only makes you recognizable to your customers, but it is also what helps you build a loyal customer base that is willing to return to you time and again to patron your store.

As a clothing designer or retailer, a huge part of your brand is your label. Here are some easy tips to help you use your labels to increase brand identity like high fashion designers do.

  • Apply a woven clothing label to the bottom of your garment either by purchasing a sew-in label or an iron-on label. This helps the label be more visible, without detracting from your overall design.
  • Another similarly visible label that is often accepted are center-folded labels that loop over the cuff of a sleeve. These can be attractive and help people become familiar with your label as a part of your brand.
  • These labels are particularly useful at the center of the hood on the hood of a pullover jacket.
  • If your label focuses more on an attractively designed logo than words, you may be able to iron them on as a larger woven label at some point on the outside of the garment. This usually works best along one of the cuffs of the sleeves, if it is a top, or somewhere along the bottom of the garment.
  • IF your label can easily be turned into a die-cut shape, they are perfect for attaching on the outside at the V part of V-neck shirts.