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Iron-On Labels — Ideal for the Active Child

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Young children can be very forgetful, especially when it comes to leaving their belongings at a friend’s house. As a parent, you already know how frustrating it is to send your child to a friend’s home with a toy or a favorite shirt, only to have her return home empty-handed or wearing something different. You can eliminate this problem with our iron-on clothing labels, as well as our labels for other items.

The reason why iron-on labels are a great choice for children’s clothing is because you don’t have to worry about the labels falling off. Kids are notoriously hard on clothes — they climb, jump, roll, and run. Sometimes, they quickly shed a shirt or a jacket, leaving it forgotten on the ground. With iron-on labels, you can breathe easy knowing that your child’s clothes will find their way home. The iron-on labels will not fall off with your child’s activities, making it easy to identify a particular shirt, jacket, or other piece of clothing.

In addition to clothing labels, you can purchase labels for your child’s belongings, such as toys and games. These labels are available in a stick-on style that makes them easy to apply in hidden areas, such as inside the battery pack of a toy or inside the case of a favorite DVD. This will ensure that if their belongings leave your home, someone can read the label and return the item. Contact us today at It’s Mine Labels to learn more about our selection of labels designed for children’s clothing and belongings. These small labels will pay for themselves many times over simply by ensuring that your child’s belongings are never lost!