Iron-On Laundry Labels

Iron-On Laundry Labels

Whenever you or a loved one is living in a place with communal laundry, there is always the slight worry that things might get mixed up or lost in the wash. When an article of clothing gets lost in a larger facility like an assisted living center or a college dorm laundry room, it can be very difficult to track down. One way to solve this problem is to identify the items with your name. Iron-on laundry labels are a great way to avoid having to search through the lost and found, and they are customizable for adding some personal style to the process. When clothing has easy-to-read and durable identifiers, it can take the guesswork out of communal laundry, and let you have your clothes and bedding back clean and fresh.

Why Iron-On Laundry Labels?

Busy people, whether you are a college student or a caretaker, need a quick and easy way to avoid laundry room mix-ups. Iron-on laundry labels are simple to apply with a regular household iron, and are customizable with a range of colors and fonts. They’re perfect if you need to attach tags onto many different items in a short amount of time, because there is no stitching required.

Are There Different Choices?

These labels are discrete and meant to go on the inside of your clothing, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t still be stylish. We offer a wide range of label designs that can embody the simple, elegant, and/or classic look that you haven’t quite been able to put your finger on.

You can choose from a wide range of colorful fonts and styles, and from dozens of additional images so that your label blends in with your garment or reflect the wearer’s personality. We even have Fun Labels, which are wonderful for identifying children’s clothing at daycare and similar settings. Especially important for those with sensitive skin, printed labels are smooth to the touch and have rounded corners for additional comfort.

Quality and Durability

These labels are designed to take the headache out of identifying your clothing, so there is no further upkeep after application. Iron-on laundry labels are made of high-quality synthetic material, and they are durable and long-lasting. The ink will never run on printed labels, and embroidered labels will not stretch or fade. These laundry labels are made to last through the washer and dryer. You can rest assured in the high quality of our labels, because they are designed with you in mind.

These are just a few of the time and stress-saving options we have available, but we have even more options available. Maybe you would prefer tagless labels, or a laundry marker. We also carry unique laundry stickers. No matter your requirements, there is a high-quality option to suit your needs. For more information and to check out our wider range of designs, visit our product page to find the perfect labels for you, and our senior essentials page for more great ideas that will take some of the hassle out of communal living situations.

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