Iron-On Name Labels

Iron-On Name Labels

Are you looking for an attractive label that can be applied quickly and look lovely on many different types of fabrics? Don’t overlook the merits of iron-on labels. Iron-on name tags are applicable in many of the same situations that you would use sew-on tags. Our iron-on name labels are beautiful and can be customized to fit anyone. They are also very durable and can be applied quickly with no sewing skills necessary. Whether you need to label clothing, bedding, or linens, iron-on labels are a practical choice.

Why Use Iron-On Name Labels?

Many people find that iron-on labels are the natural choice for adding name tags onto items. You can get a lot of use out of iron-on name labels, especially if your item happens to be a hand-me down, or an item you plan to donate in the future. Clothing sizes change, but no matter how fast they grow, your child will probably still need their items labeled for daycare and school. It’s Mine! Labels offers many different types of name labels that are easy to apply, and even detachable. That makes for easy donations in the future.

Easy to Apply

If you’re a busy parent or caretaker, taking time out of your day to add name labels onto clothing might not be possible. Even if you have a sewing machine and the skills to sew on labels, finding the time might still be difficult. Iron-on labels require less time and fewer resources than sew-on labels. With just an iron and a couple of minutes, you can quickly attach many labels. Iron-on labels are also a good option for items of clothing that are shaped irregularly or have a thick texture that might be hard for sewing machines to manage.

Comfortable for Sensitive Skin

Our iron-on labels lay flat once applied, and they are smooth to the touch even to the most sensitive among us. Flat, smooth labels are a great choice for babies or the elderly, or anyone else that might be more comfortable with an undetectable tag. No matter why you need name labels for your clothing, you can find one that perfectly suits the recipient.

Laundry Needs and Machine Washable Labels

After your customized labels have arrived, there are many ways that you can attach them to your items. If you have chosen one of our iron-on labels for an item that is machine-washable, follow the attachment instructions so that your label will survive the spin cycles. Most of our labels need only to be ironed onto a smooth fabric surface and they will be just fine in home laundry machines. Others, like our satin labels, will require a line of simple stitching around the edge to ensure they don’t come off in the wash.

Ready to begin customizing your iron-on name labels? Click here for a full list of our iron-on products.

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