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Iron Tips

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Iron on clothing labels are just as durable as sewing labels if you iron them on correctly. We know that you know how to iron, but ironing on clothing labels is a slightly different skill than ironing out wrinkles, and they can be incredibly frustrating if they are ironed on incorrectly and fall off a few weeks or months after they are attached.

To help make sure your clothing labels don’t begin to peel or fall off shortly after you attach them, here are some tips for properly attaching iron on clothing labels:

  1. One of the keys to making your labels stick is using sufficient pressure. You need to make sure you press hard when you iron over the label, and then press it hard again after each step with your hand. If you aren’t pressing hard enough, the label won’t completely bind to the fabric and may fall off a few months later instead of lasting for years on the garment.
  2. If you are ironing labels onto a more delicate fabric, try using a thin press cloth. This protects the fabric from intense, direct heat, but still attaches the label in a secure, safe manner. There is nothing more frustrating than attaching a label only to find you have ruined a garment with ugly burn marks.
  3. It is important to not use steam when ironing the label on. If you do, you might actually end up diluting the glue and causing the label to fall off or peel off within hours or days.