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Is Your Child Heading to Camp this Summer?

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There are many things that need to be done to prepare your child for summer camp, and one of the things that we here at It’s Mine Labels have found to be the most useful are – you guessed it – labels! Children are forgetful, and when they get together in large groups with less adult supervision for nights on end, they tend to be messy as well. This means all of their carefully packed clothes, toiletries and personal items get mixed up and swapped or lost.

By using labels, including iron-on clothing labels, sew-on or stick-on clothing labels and stick-on labels for hard surfaces, you can help your child make sure they don’t lose their things while they are at camp. Order labels with their name in large, clear font and attach them to their pool wear, their clothes, towels, shoes, sporting equipment, flashlights, books, journals, iPods, toiletries and more, and you’ll find more of the things you send them to camp with in their suitcase when they come home from camp.