Keep Track of School Supplies with Name Labels

Keep Track of School Supplies with Name Labels

With the new school year approaching, it is time to start buying all of the necessary supplies. Your child is sure to have a long list of needed items to get him through the next year. It seems like the list grows bigger and bigger every year! When you spend a small fortune on school supplies, you want to make sure your child’s supplies don’t get lost or misplaced at school. With our assortment of name labels, you can easily label your child’s supplies with his name.

Adding a label to supplies is easy because our labels come in various sizes. You can keep things simple with only his name, or you can add more information, such as his address or a contact phone number. With a label, if something is lost, whoever finds it will be able to return it to your child.

These labels are great for pencil boxes, boxes of crayons and markers, and even backpacks. Each label will contain the information you specify, and each label will be easy to read. You can jazz up the labels with different fonts to make them look spectacular.

School supplies are a big investment, especially if you have more than one child. With our labels, you can clearly label each child’s supplies. Both you and your children will have a less stressful school year knowing that their supplies are safe, secure, and clearly labeled. Contact us today at It’s Mine Labels for more information about our selection of stick-on labels for school supplies.

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