Keeping track of kids clothes

Keeping track of kids clothes

Now that school has started, many parents are beginning to realize that valuable pieces of clothing are already missing!  Unfortunately it is just a fact that kids are not as interested in keeping track of their clothes, shoes and sports equipment as their parents and caregivers.  It’s a problem that virtually every family and school office has to deal with every year.

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Luckily, there are lots of options available now that makes labeling kids clothes super-easy.

  1. For knitted items, such as sweaters, jackets and fleece pull-overs, there are adorable sew in labels that are woven with the name and a cute design.
  2. For shirts, dresses and pants, durable iron-on clothing labels are always popular as they are simple to apply.  These are very smooth and won’t irritate the sensitive skin, and are easy for young children to read.
  3. For sports wear, ski jackets, gloves and more, you can buy stick on clothing labels that are guaranteed to stay on – even through the wash. No need for ironing or sewing.
  4. For instrument cases, sports bags and backpacks, tough bag tags are a great option.  These can have a name and/or a telephone number, and a fun design printed on them.  They are also very easy for youngsters to spot at a glance when they are in a rush.

Having a stylish label with a clearly printed name, ensures that kids are happy to have them in their clothing, and helps reduce the anxiety of unintentional mix-ups.  The school administration is also happy to be able to return misplaced items to their rightful owner.

Make a small investment in personalized labels, and they will help expensive school clothes and belongings come home each day!

For more advice on appropriate clothing labels for children, please call our office at (866) 695-2235.  We are always happy to help our customers make informed decisions.

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