Labeling for Home Storage

Labeling for Home Storage

Labels make home organization a breeze. From messy closets to cluttered kitchens, unique labeling ideas can help keep tools and supplies in their right place.

Kitchen Storage

If your family purchases the same ingredients on a frequent basis, you may want to invest in glass canisters or metal tins for storing bulk items. Canisters are great for quickly and easily restocking foods like cereals or grains. Keep labels close at hand so you know what goes where when it’s time to refill. Labels can also be used to create order in a cabinet where storage containers are kept. For example, using color-coded labels to match Tupperware containers with the correct lids.

Craft Rooms

Stick-on labels can be used in every corner of a crafting room. Labels not only keep items neat, but also help kids learn to pick up after themselves:

  • Use storage bins for neatly organized craft supplies, such as stacking chests for construction paper or poster board. Get creative with labeling, like using a stick on-label on the outside of each cubby to list what’s on the inside.
  • Recycle jars or coffee cans and use them to store colored pencils or markers.
  • Use drawer dividers to keep paper clips, stamps, and thumbtacks safely stowed away.


Keeping a closet tidy between seasons can get messy. To store off-season gear, use stacking boxes or bins for folded sweaters, gloves, and scarves. Have fun with labeling, for example, clipping a Polaroid photo to the front of each box to show what’s inside.

For linen closets, stack clothing hampers on each shelf and organize using custom woven labels. For example, using one hamper for holding twin-sized sheets for kids rooms, plus another to hold queen or king-sized sheets.


Tiny items, like cotton balls or swabs, can easily cause clutter in a small bathroom space. Try transparent glass canisters, such as candy or medical jars, to keep objects easy to see yet tucked away. For other items like nail polish or makeup, try a clear plastic tray to store tubes and bottles upright and easy to grab. With a range of label sizes available from clothing label manufacturers like It’s Mine Labels, you’re sure to find the right fit no matter how small the object.


  • Use a labeling system for keeping dirty laundry off the ground. For example, try a dark-colored canvas hamper for bright-colored clothes, a beige basket for subdued-hued loads, and a gray bin for everything in between.
  • Tools can quickly overwhelm a garage or workspace. Try a pegboard and hooks to keep hammers, screwdrivers, and ratchets within reach. Use labeled hanging tags on each hook so you know where to return each item when finished.
  • Label bins for glass, paper, and plastic in order to make recycling day a cinch.

From kitchen to closet, It’s Mine Labels offers a variety of labels for your organization needs, including name labels, stick-on labels, and more. To learn more about It’s Mine Labels, call 1-866-695-2235.


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