Labels for Handmade Items

Labels for Handmade Items

Looking for a finishing touch to your handmade items? We can turn your great idea into an affordable product with our personalized labels. Whether you sew, crochet, knit, or otherwise craft, our labels for handmade items are just what you need. Our attractive labels are the perfect combination of professional-looking labels with an affordable price tag. Nothing looks nicer or represents the love that went into a handcrafted item better than a personalized label.

Why Use Labels for Handmade Items?

Maybe you’re wondering why you would need personalized labels for handmade items, especially if you don’t sell your items. Anyone can buy a sweater in a store, but when you decide to make a quilt or crochet a baby blanket, there is care in every stitch, and people like to be reminded of that. Think of a treasured family photo album. When a picture has an inscription on the backs, everyone can fondly remember the people and memories from that day. Handmade items become treasured heirlooms passed down, and it’s special to feel the warmth and see the name of the person that made the item.

These labels also make great gifts for the creator in your life. You can take their personality into account and honor their creativity by creating a favorite label design or by choosing a couple different tag designs for various occasions. It’s touching to be appreciated for your handiwork, and enabling the artist in your life to leave a signature on each piece is a great way to show how much their work means to you.

Designer Labels for Business Owners

When you sell your handmade crafts in a store or online, it’s important to attach your name to the finished product and remind buyers of where they bought the high quality handmade good. Featuring your name and contact information on a discrete, stylish tag is a good way to draw in more business through word of mouth! Our woven designer labels are a lovely finishing touch, and a great way to represent your brand.

You can choose background color, font, and most even if you would prefer a sew-on or iron-on label.

Choosing a Label

It’s Mine Labels offers an easy design tool with endless options to go along with high quality labels. There are many elegant options for different labels for handmade items, and you can customize your labels according to what will suit the material you’re using. Most handmade items will pair well with our woven labels. Our woven labels are durable, beautifully embroidered with your choice of text, with choice of an image or attractive border. Classic woven labels come in sizes 3/8” and 5/8”, and designer woven labels at 1/2” and 1”.

How to Design a Label

To create your label, simply select the type of label you want, and follow the dropdown menus to customize your design. There are many choices in background color, font, and text style. Some of our different labels also feature unique options, such as more choices of accent images. We also offer dozens of different text colors and several select shades with metallic finish. There are many ways to show off your signature style and create the perfect personal label for your items, no matter what they look like! When you’re finished, you can even preview your design, and tweak it until it matches your vision.

We provide many examples of labels that others have created, so you can see for yourself the many styles and applications of these tags. For more ideas and a full list of products from It’s Mine Labels, check out our product page. All these options are machine washable and made out of high-quality material with your comfort in mind.

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