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Labels for Moms

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Many labels seem to be designed with small shop owners in mind, instead of everyday moms. This can be frustrating if you are trying to label your loved ones’ clothes, so that your kids return with their jackets and lunch boxes each day, and your elderly loved ones don’t misplace their belongings.

Here are a few custom clothing labels that are perfect for home use:

  • Stick-On Clothing Labels: Often, you simply need to identify who something belongs to. You don’t need a whole new clothing label with a logo and multiple lines of text. These stick on labels are perfect, because you can attach them over the existing label and include only the vital information.
  • Snap-On Tags: Snappy Tags are incredibly durable and useful, and snap onto existing tags in a matter of seconds through the use of an applicator. This is another perfect option if you are looking for a quick, simple nametag to attach to your loved ones’ garments so that they don’t lose them.
  • Woven Sewing Label: Sewing labels are a great option if you are making clothing items to give to your loved ones as gifts. They have a personalized, loving feel to them, and make your homemade garment feel legitimate and even more thoughtful.
  • Bag Tags: Bag tags are useful for your children’s lunch boxes, backpacks, sports bags, dance bags, band instruments, and so much more. They make it easy for your child to identify their bags, but also for others to identify who they belong to if they forget them or another child grabs them unintentionally.