Logos on Labels

Logos on Labels

If you are ordering labels from It’s Mine Labels for your small business and you are considering including your logo on the label, there are a few things you should think about before making your decision.

First, look at your logo objectively and determine how simple it is. Minimalist, simple logos can work well on labels, but if your logo is slightly more involved or has small components to it, it will most likely not translate well when it is printed so small. For example, a single daisy may do well, but a small decorated Christmas tree would look like a complicated blob.

Next, does your logo have delicate lines or details? If it does, the fine details may not translate well in thread or ink on a small label.

You only want to include your logo if it will be clear and recognizable. If it looks the least bit wonky on your label, a majority of customers will remember how weird your logo looked instead of your actual company brand.

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