Make Moving into Assisted Living Easier for Your Parents

Make Moving into Assisted Living Easier for Your Parents

As your parents get older, eventually there comes a time when they have to move into an assisted living facility. The move is often stressful for your parents because they are giving up their home and a large portion of their belongings. To make the move easier for your parents, there are several things you can do long before their scheduled move-in date.

    • Make Regular Visits to the Facility: Take your parents to the facility several times a week. Most facilities do not mind your parents stopping by to visit. This allows your parents to learn what activities are available and start building new friendships with the other residents.


    • Rent a Controlled Storage Unit: If your parents are selling their home, rent a storage unit to store family heirlooms and keepsakes they want to keep. In addition, this helps alleviate the feeling of having to give everything away and reduces some of the stress of moving into the facility.


  • Order Custom Clothing Labels: Your parents are most likely on a fixed income. The last thing they need to worry about is replacing clothing they misplaced or lost after they moved into the facility. Labeling their clothes lets the staff know who the items belong to, as well as prevents others from permanently borrowing their clothing.

Besides labeling their clothes, name labels can be applied to just about any property your parents take with them when they move into an assisted living facility. Order your custom labels today by phoning It’s Mine! Labels at 1-866-695-2235.


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