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Material Comparison for Labels

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There are three main types of cloth that are used for woven clothing labels in the label industry: satin, taffeta, and damask. Each type of fabric has different distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from the other two, and which make it ideal for different items of clothing.

  1. Satin: Satin has a high thread count, and, thus, also has a soft feel and shiny look. Woven labels that are made from satin tend to be strong and slightly stiff, and hold up well on most types of clothing. Since they are softer, they are particularly preferable for people with sensitive skin. Due to the slightly more delicate nature of satin, though, they usually have to be sewn on, instead of ironed on.
  1. Taffeta: This fabric offers a good, medium thread count, and is slightly less soft, compared to satin. It is non-reflective, and tends to be slightly hardier, making it good for woven items like sweaters or scarves. Since it has a lower thread count, taffeta tends to be more durable and very pliable. If ordered in bulk, taffeta is one of the most cost-effective name labels for clothing items.
  1. Damask: Damask is slightly reflective, almost like satin, but is used much more often than satin labels are. These have the highest thread count of the three fabrics and tend to be soft and pliable, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin. They offer the most detail for design, since they have a high, tight thread count, and they can be attached in a variety of ways, but are most often purchased as sewing labels.