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More Creative Uses for Stick On Labels

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In our last blog, we gave you tips for how to creatively use the extra It’s Mine Labels stick-on labels that you have lying around your home. Here are a few more tips to add to that list.

  1. If your child’s school or another charitable organization organizes a raffle that requires you to put your information onto each raffle ticket, you can easily do so by attaching an extra stick-on label. This way you don’t have to try to find a pen or worry about watching your kids while entering your information.
  1. If you order blank labels, you can use them for almost anything by quickly penning in the information you need on them, such as names of guests at a party you are hosting or your child’s name to label their items when they go to camp.
  1. Label your CD’s and other discs by simply adding the information under what is on the label, or crossing out the information if it is no longer relevant and writing the new information over it.