Name Labels for Clothing

Name Labels for Clothing

Most everyone can benefit from name labels for clothing. Mix-ups happen, but with our stylish, elegant labels, these mix-ups can be quickly fixed or avoided entirely. Don’t worry. No matter your skill level in sewing, we have an excellent label for you. With It’s Mine Labels, you don’t need to sacrifice style for utility! All of these options are machine washable and made out of high quality material with your comfort in mind.

Iron-On Name Labels for Clothing

Our iron-on clothing tags are a great choice for anyone that needs a durable, attractive name label that is easy to apply. It’s Mine Labels offers a wide range of comfortable, stylish options, each of which are customizable.

  • Standard Labels are easy to read and offer a choice of font and text color over a white background. The ink used to print these labels never runs or fades. These labels are made of a thin synthetic material and are smooth to the touch with rounded edges for comfort and style.
  • For those with sensitive skin, Letter Transferring is a great option. No one likes an itchy tag, but with this iron-on text, you don’t have to worry about any discomfort. Available in black or white, this unique option allows the fabric to stretch freely between each letter of your text. The tag blends seamlessly into T-shirts and other items.
  • Satin Finish Labels are a soft, smooth label and an elegant identifier to your clothing. Available in black or white, you have the option of customizing font, text color, and the choice of a small, stylish icon. These particular labels will need to be stitched in if you plan to wash the item.

Classic Woven Labels

  • Classic Woven Labels will never fade or stretch. These embroidered labels are a long-time favorite of families and businesses, because they look attractive and professional, but are totally customizable. These labels feature large print, easy-to-read block letters, and high-functioning durability. These make great name labels for clothing because they can be attached to a wide variety of fabrics and are available as both iron-ons and sew-ons. These labels are available in sizes 3/8” and 5/8”.

Sew-On Woven ID Labels

  • Woven ID Labels are a great option for small orders. They’re perfect for clothing, blankets, bedding, or other accessories. Functional and attractive, these tags are embroidered. They offer large print and are easy-to-read. Available in 1/2″ and 1” sizes.

Stick-On Labels

  • Stick-On Labels are truly quick and easy to use! They are designed to stick onto the smooth laundry care tag on a garment and last even when washed and dried – all with no sewing or ironing required. These stick-on name labels for clothing are available in a variety of fun prints and designs, perfect for children’s clothes. They also come in more minimal designs.

Snappy Tags®

  • Need a stylish option for labeling items in a hurry? Snappy Tags® can be applied with just a quick click! Available in black or white, and at 1/2” diameter, these tags are a discrete, quick way to identify your clothing or bedsheets. These tags offer simple laser cut text for a clean and easy-to-read design and are suitable for washing machines and dry-cleaning alike. These tags come with an applicator to snap them on, and will not come off unless you remove them with the applicator.

Senior living is one of the most common applications for these clothing tags, but no matter your age or skillset, we have the label for you! For more ideas and to see a wider range of products, you can check out our general resources and main product page.

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