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Name Labels

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If your kids are actively involved in sports, they may have a difficult time keeping track of which uniform is there’s. After all, over a dozen other kids have the exact same articles of clothing, and they don’t usually keep a super close eye on which ones belong to them in the changing room. Many parents experience the same frustration of lost clothing when their kids go to summer camp, change in the PE lockers at school or when their elderly loved ones get Alzheimer’s or dementia.

This frustration can be avoided by labeling their clothing with their name, but permanent markers can be embarrassing. Instead of labeling the existing labels with pen, add a new custom name label to your loved ones’ clothing. If these new labels are noticed at all it will be with admiration because they are visually attractive and unique.

A variety of fonts, styles and colors are available, so design your custom name labels today and avoid irritation at lost clothing items tomorrow.