Ordering Labels for Knitted Items

Ordering Labels for Knitted Items

If you knit clothing items for your family members and friends, you may want to consider purchasing custom clothing labels to attach to your items. Even though you aren’t selling your garments, clothing labels are a great way to help your loved ones remember who made the knitted pieces for them and the love that you put into each garment.

To start, you should order a sewing label of some sort, whether it is printed, woven, burlap or satin. Iron-on labels won’t stick to yarn, and sewing labels look more classic and hand-made on items that you knitted with love.

As far as the content, we recommend you include your name and any special message you find appropriate. If you always sign your cards a certain way, such as “with love,” or “many smiles,” include that on your label. You can also include season-appropriate symbols or images, like a bee for spring or a snowflake in winter.

Make sure the colors on your label don’t clash with the color of your yarn, and the size should be appropriate so that it either adds to the style or blends in and doesn’t distract. For scarves, we recommend larger labels that you attach on one end, while we prefer smaller labels for sweaters and other garments that are similar.

If you need help designing your label, call and speak to one of our label experts. We can offer tips on design, font, size and more, and can help you finalize your proof and place your order. Whether you are giving gifts during spring, or preparing for the next holiday season, call today for more information.

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