Organization around the House: Kitchen Tips

Organization around the House: Kitchen Tips

Lack of kitchen space is a problem that affects far too many homeowners. This area of the house is prone to clutter, with pots, pans, and ingredients alike having the tendency to pile up. To keep mess under control, try the below organizational tips, such as using custom labels or dividing storage areas:


Organize with Drawer Dividers

Everyone’s got one: the fabled junk drawer. Filled to the brim with utensils, mismatched chopsticks, and one too many pairs of scissors, it doesn’t take much for a junk drawer to become completely out of control. To combat the mess, set aside a few hours one weekend to sort and pare down the contents of the drawer and install dividers, available at most home improvement stores. Make a “keep” pile, as well as a pile for items to be tossed, and then divide the remaining items by focus. For example, keep all the disposable forks in one section, while rubber bands and twist ties share their own compartment.


Use Jars and Containers for Bulk Items

If your family frequently purchases large quantities of shelf-stable ingredients like beans, grains, or cereals, consider streamlining the storage of each item. Rather than keeping an assortment of mismatched boxes and half-empty plastic bags, purchase canning jars with lids or plastic takeout containers to make sure everything stays tidy. You can also use name labels to keep things organized and easily accessible. This is especially helpful for items you buy repeatedly, such as rolled oats or coffee beans.


Purchase a Second Refrigerator

Entertain frequently, or simply have a large family that goes through significant quantities of perishable foods? Consider purchasing a second refrigerator for excess storage, or just to keep beverages cold when you have guests over! Compare local appliance stores for deals, or check Craigslist (or similar) in your area for gently-used refrigerators at a low price.


Think Vertically

Keep clutter out of cabinets by using an upright rack to store cookie sheets, pans, and muffin tins neatly. Pronged vertical racks can be found at home stores and act like a letter holder for your kitchen items. Vertical racks are a great addition to your storage space, making it simple to grab what you need in a rush and without having to re-stack the contents of your cabinets each time.


Pair Lids

If you have a large selection of pots and pans, it can be hard to keep track of the right lid for the right cookware. Get creative with wall-hanging racks and hooks to keep lids in sight and easy to locate. A similar setup can also be used to organize storage containers and their lids, including plastic tubs or glass casserole dishes.


Kitchens get messy fast, so take the necessary steps to keep your space organized. Use tools like custom labels to keep everything neat and in the right place. It’s Mine Labels offers a line of durable stick-on labels to keep supplies or cookware easy to find. To learn more about It’s Mine Labels, call 1-866-695-2235.




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