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Preparing for Summer Camp

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Personalized Name Labels for Camp!

Although it’s only mid-February, it’s not too early to start thinking about summer camp!  Before you know it, spring will be here and research will begin on various camp options for the long summer break.

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Whether a child is going to a local day camp or has graduated to a sleep-over camp, the concerns of parents are fairly universal:  Will your child be happy and safe?  And will all of those valuable clothes, shoes, water bottles, etc. come back home at the end of the day!

It can never be too early to think about buying a selection of personalized kids labels for camp.  They will need durable and easy-to-read labels for t-shirts, shorts, etc. and tough waterproof labels for shoes, water bottles, googles, etc.  After considering whether the label will last the duration of the summer, you will want to make sure that the label is appealing to your child.

It’s Mine has a wide selection of labels, ranging from simple printed labels for clothing, to colorful and cute waterproof labels.  It is always more relaxing to be prepared in advance, and having some personalized name labels on hand when camp items are being gathered together, will help achieve this.

As always, our staff are delighted to answer any questions and help advise on the best options for your individual needs!


How to Apply Sewing Labels

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Sewing labels are one of the most popular items to use to identify clothing, accessories and more.  These are some of the main advantages of choosing a sew on label:


  • Sew on labels are perfect for knitted and crocheted items, quilts, and other handmade items.
  • Sewing labels are traditionally woven and give a traditional and professional finish to clothing and accessories.
  • With a choice of lettering and background colors, fonts, and designs, labels can be custom designed to suit the customer.
  • Woven sew in labels can easily be applied to an item by either putting a small stitch in each corner, by stitching down the left and right hand sides, or by stitching all the way around the label, either by hand or using a sewing machine.
  • A personalized label is a way to ensure that special items will always be identified with the creator in the future!


sew on labels for clothingpersonalized sew in labelswoven labels for clothingfabric sewing labels


  • Sew in labels which are personalized with a name (and perhaps room number or telephone number) are ideal for labeling valuable clothes as it helps mislaid items to be returned to their owner.
  • Sew in labels can be stitched onto clothing very easily, and can just as easily be removed if necessary.
  • Sew on labels are very durable and will go through a regular washer and dryer, and also withstand dry cleaning without any effect.
  • Sewing labels are often the only labeling solution for certain kinds of fabrics such as loose knit sweaters, shawls, etc., fleece items, and other fabrics which have a “fuzzy” or “linty” finish to them.

Custom woven labels are not only useful for the purchaser, but also make a very thoughtful gift for friends and family who make their own handmade creations.

Call our office for advice on choosing from our extensive selection of woven sewing labels, at (866) 695-2235 – we are always delighted to help!


Labels for Nursing Home Residents

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One of the most challenging tasks that many families have to undertake at some point, is moving a loved one into a nursing home or assisted living facility.  The process can be overwhelming with both emotional and practical considerations to take into account.

Whether a family member or friend is moving into a facility full-time or just staying for a while to recover from a procedure, virtually all organizations will request that all belongings are clearly marked.  Items can get left behind in communal  areas, get picked up by another resident, or get misplaced in the laundry.

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A laundry marker can sometimes be a quick and easy solution for labeling clothing, but there is a risk that the ink will fade during the laundering process when applied directly onto fabric.  A durable label can be an extremely cost-effective way to ensure that valuable clothes are returned to the right person!

For most comfortable clothing, such as cotton shirts, pants, undershirts, etc. a smooth iron in label is ideal. They are discreet, but easy to spot inside clothing.  An iron on label is often considered a perfect solution as they are quick and easy to apply, and will stay on in aggressive laundry situations.

If certain items have a satin care label inside them (often found on a seam) a personalized stick on clothing label can be a wonderful choice.  These are simply pressed onto a care label and will stay on in the washing machine and dryer.

For cozy sweaters, shawls, blankets, fleece and other items that do not have a smooth surface, a sew on label would be perfect.  Sew on labels can be produced with the residents name embroidered onto it, giving an elegant look to a practical item.  With a quick stitch in each corner of the label, these will also stay on in the laundry, and can be removed if necessary.

For toiletries, walkers, photograph frames, ornaments, and other items with a hard smooth surface, a waterproof stick on label works very well.  Again, with the residents name clearly printed on the label, any misplaced items can easily be returned to the rightful owner.

If a family isn’t sure how many labels they will need, the facility will be happy to furnish a suggested list of items. If only a few labels are needed at a time, a durable laundry marker with some blank stick on and iron labels might be a good solution.

For more advice on the best labeling solutions for nursing home residents, please call our office at (866) 695-2235 and the staff will be delighted to assist you.




How to Apply Iron On Clothing Labels

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When it comes to quickly labeling clothes and linens, iron on labels are often the first type that come to mind.  There is a huge selection of iron on clothing labels available these days and a style to suit virtually every need and purpose.


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Iron on clothing labels are most often used for:

  • Clothes, and bed and bath linens for residents in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes, and other places where laundry labels are essential.
  • Kids clothes and belongings for school, daycare, camp and extra curricular activities.
  • Homes where it is helpful to label linens and bedding for sorting after the laundry, such as “Queen”, “King” etc.

Tips for applying iron on labels:

All iron on labels will have slightly different application times, depending on the type of adhesive that is used on the reverse.  All of our clothing labels come with complete instructions and helpful tips, but we thought it would be useful to share some of our advice on how to effectively apply iron on clothing labels here.

  • To begin with, make sure that your item of clothing is suitable for an iron on label.  Smooth surfaces are the best as the glue will be able to adhere to all the fibers in the fabric and therefore stay on.  If you have a knitted or fleece item, a sew on labels would be best.
  • Start with a firm surface such as an ironing board, or sturdy table.  (Remember, if you are using a table, you will need to put a piece of heat-proof cloth between the item and the surface.)
  • Turn your iron to very warm/hot.  (All iron temperatures vary so it is best to start with warm and heat the iron up if necessary.)
  • Make sure that the steam setting is NOT engaged.  (The moisture from steam can dilute the glue, and therefore the label will not adhere correctly.)
  • Once the label is in position on the garment, place the iron directly on top and following the timing directions. We recommend trying to use the center part of the iron as the heat is most evenly distributed there.  (It can be tempting to use just the tip or edge of an iron, but sometimes the iron is not hot enough at those points to effectively melt the glue.)

It’s Mine! Labels has 7 different types of iron on clothing labels for customers to choose from, and lots of colors, fonts and icons to make them unique.  We are always happy to give advice via e-mail, or over the telephone, at (866) 695-2235!


Keeping track of kids clothes

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Now that school has started, many parents are beginning to realize that valuable pieces of clothing are already missing!  Unfortunately it is just a fact that kids are not as interested in keeping track of their clothes, shoes and sports equipment as their parents and caregivers.  It’s a problem that virtually every family and school office has to deal with every year.

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Luckily, there are lots of options available now that makes labeling kids clothes super-easy.

  1. For knitted items, such as sweaters, jackets and fleece pull-overs, there are adorable sew in labels that are woven with the name and a cute design.
  2. For shirts, dresses and pants, durable iron-on clothing labels are always popular as they are simple to apply.  These are very smooth and won’t irritate the sensitive skin, and are easy for young children to read.
  3. For sports wear, ski jackets, gloves and more, you can buy stick on clothing labels that are guaranteed to stay on – even through the wash. No need for ironing or sewing.
  4. For instrument cases, sports bags and backpacks, tough bag tags are a great option.  These can have a name and/or a telephone number, and a fun design printed on them.  They are also very easy for youngsters to spot at a glance when they are in a rush.

Having a stylish label with a clearly printed name, ensures that kids are happy to have them in their clothing, and helps reduce the anxiety of unintentional mix-ups.  The school administration is also happy to be able to return misplaced items to their rightful owner.

Make a small investment in personalized labels, and they will help expensive school clothes and belongings come home each day!

For more advice on appropriate clothing labels for children, please call our office at (866) 695-2235.  We are always happy to help our customers make informed decisions.