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Making a small personalized contribution to reducing waste

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Climate change is currently a large concern for everyone, and consumers are looking for ways to access and switch everyday items to more sustainable options. Choosing products based on the long-term effects of the product or its packaging may have on the environment makes sense if we are mindful about our planet’s future. Rather than purchasing disposable products, such as sponges and paper towels, innovators in the crafting community have created products that are reusable and produce little to no waste, as well as products that can help you personalize your sustainable products.

The facts about waste

More than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators every day – a total of about 22 billion last year. If you use a refillable water bottle, you could save an average of 156 plastic bottles annually. The most common types of waste are cardboard and paper products, organic materials, and textiles. The average family throws away about 6 trees worth of paper each year.

sustainable water bottle label

How to make quick changes

One quick way to save plastic and money is to switch to a reusable water bottle (don’t forget to add personalized stick on name labels!). If you have old towels or other cloths, these can be used as paper towel alternatives. You can try some recipes to make cleaners that are safe for your family and the environment. Making your own cleaners and refilling spray bottles reduces the amount of plastic that ends up in recycling centers in the long term. More and more cities and towns are making reusable shopping bags mandatory. Even if they are not, carrying attractive reusable bags in your car and remembering to take them into the store instead of opting for the paper and plastic bags the stores provide will often earn you a couple of cents off your bill and give your conscience a break. You can donate unwanted items of clothing to charity shops, and clothes that are not in good enough condition can be taken to stores, such as H&M, that recycle textiles(and give you a coupon for doing so).

Think of the items you frequently throw away, can they be replaced with a sustainable alternative? Can the things you buy at the supermarket be replaced with a homemade recipe? 

Steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle

  • Start small – try switching from traditional paper towels to reusable ones.

They come in rolls that mimic the real thing, and they’re equally as absorbent. Using them is the same as well, but instead of ending up in the trash, toss them in the wash and use them again and again. You can either purchase from online sellers on Etsy for example, or try making them for yourself. This is a great way to not only make your carbon footprint smaller, but you can make a nice side income with these sustainable crafts.

  • Gift wrapping that’s a gift to our planet

One of our customers, For You Reusable, creates reusable gift bags which help reduce gift wrap waste and overall paper that piles up in landfills. The average American gives 42 gifts per year. It is estimated that if each person used reusable gift wrap for only 3 of these, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields!

  • Shareable, re-wearable and sustainable items – up-cycled!

Up-cycling is a huge trend, which is great since it helps reduce the amount of unwanted items that end up in the trash. When making and sharing your sustainable crafts, add a custom woven label that lasts as long as your item!


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Labels for Handmade Items

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Looking for a finishing touch to your handmade items? We can turn your great idea into an affordable product with our personalized labels. Whether you sew, crochet, knit, or otherwise craft, our labels for handmade items are just what you need. Our attractive labels are the perfect combination of professional-looking labels with an affordable price tag. Nothing looks nicer or represents the love that went into a handcrafted item better than a personalized label.

Why Use Labels for Handmade Items?

Maybe you’re wondering why you would need personalized labels for handmade items, especially if you don’t sell your items. Anyone can buy a sweater in a store, but when you decide to make a quilt or crochet a baby blanket, there is care in every stitch, and people like to be reminded of that. Think of a treasured family photo album. When a picture has an inscription on the backs, everyone can fondly remember the people and memories from that day. Handmade items become treasured heirlooms passed down, and it’s special to feel the warmth and see the name of the person that made the item.

These labels also make great gifts for the creator in your life. You can take their personality into account and honor their creativity by creating a favorite label design or by choosing a couple different tag designs for various occasions. It’s touching to be appreciated for your handiwork, and enabling the artist in your life to leave a signature on each piece is a great way to show how much their work means to you.

Designer Labels for Business Owners

When you sell your handmade crafts in a store or online, it’s important to attach your name to the finished product and remind buyers of where they bought the high quality handmade good. Featuring your name and contact information on a discrete, stylish tag is a good way to draw in more business through word of mouth! Our woven designer labels are a lovely finishing touch, and a great way to represent your brand.

You can choose background color, font, and most even if you would prefer a sew-on or iron-on label.

Choosing a Label

It’s Mine Labels offers an easy design tool with endless options to go along with high quality labels. There are many elegant options for different labels for handmade items, and you can customize your labels according to what will suit the material you’re using. Most handmade items will pair well with our woven labels. Our woven labels are durable, beautifully embroidered with your choice of text, with choice of an image or attractive border. Classic woven labels come in sizes 3/8” and 5/8”, and designer woven labels at 1/2” and 1”.

How to Design a Label

To create your label, simply select the type of label you want, and follow the dropdown menus to customize your design. There are many choices in background color, font, and text style. Some of our different labels also feature unique options, such as more choices of accent images. We also offer dozens of different text colors and several select shades with metallic finish. There are many ways to show off your signature style and create the perfect personal label for your items, no matter what they look like! When you’re finished, you can even preview your design, and tweak it until it matches your vision.

We provide many examples of labels that others have created, so you can see for yourself the many styles and applications of these tags. For more ideas and a full list of products from It’s Mine Labels, check out our product page. All these options are machine washable and made out of high-quality material with your comfort in mind.

Custom Woven Clothing Labels

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Custom woven clothing labels can be an essential addition to clothing items and other apparel for any number of reasons. Major fashion labels, boutique clothing makers, merchandisers and even many amateur seamstresses are interested in the visual appeal and durable performance of woven labels. Not to mention senior living communities, schools, sports teams, kid programs, and institutional employers.

It’s no wonder that embroidering the design on a high-quality satin fabric makes a difference when it comes to clothing labels. Custom woven labels stand out with a dynamic texture, while also being comfortable to wear. The label looks great on the clothes themselves, while also promoting the fashion brand. When properly cared for, these labels can also last for generations as part of a hand-crafted item that is destined to become a family heirloom.

Types of Custom Woven Clothing Labels

What makes for a great custom woven clothing label? It depends who you ask and what you’re looking for. Do you want large, easy-to-read lettering? Do you want enough space for multiple lines of text? Are you looking for a few dozen labels or a few hundred? Do you want to include an icon or logo? Do you want to include a trademark symbol?

It’s Mine Labels offers several different types of custom woven labels that can best address your individual needs and priorities.

  • Classic Woven Clothing Labels: Made with quality materials that won’t fade or stretch and embroidered designs with plenty of visual appeal, our classic woven labels are available in 15 different styles as well as a huge combination of letter and background color options. In addition to clothing, these labels are great for linens, gifts, and craft projects. Available in quantities of 100-pack labels, our custom woven clothing labels are a great choice for people who want labels for their current project and for future ones. Find more detailed information about our 3/8 inch and 5/8 inch classic woven labels.
  • Designer Woven Clothing Labels: These labels offer additional design options. Along with slight variations to and an expanded selection of labeling styles and colors, our designer woven labels allow for different styles with each line of text. The other big difference with our designer clothing labels is the size of your order. Get what you need for your next designer project at a great price by checking out are different quantities for 1/2-inch and 1-inch label sizes.
  • Woven Name Labels for Clothes: Not all clothing labels are about the clothing maker or fashion label. For large families, for summer retreats, for anybody who lives in a community with shared laundry and shared closet space, we have labels specifically designed to make your clothes easy to identify as your own. These larger labels are available in 1/2 inch and 1-inch sizes to make the lettering easy to find. Because name labels are personalized, we offer a wider selection of ordering sizes. However, you’ll still get a better price the more you order. Consider not only how many personal name labels you need for right now, but also for the clothes and group settings in your foreseeable future.
  • Iron-On Woven Labels: The timeless look of sew in labels isn’t for everybody, especially when you figure in the convenience of iron on labels. The embroidered look of woven labels is what’s most important to a lot of people, whether it’s for their own personal clothes or for their clothing business. Attach more labels in less time and with less effort with an iron and ironing board. These labels are designed to be permanent and may be difficult to remove without damaging the clothes, but most woven labels are never removed from clothes anyway.

Especially if you’re not sure what type of label is right for your next project, It’s Mine Labels encourages you to look at all of our custom woven labels.

Custom Woven Tags and Labels

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Most often, custom woven tags are clothing labels that promote a designer’s brand or which personalize the clothing with a name label. These woven labels are permanently affixed to the clothing by being sewn in or ironed on. Hand-sewn or machine-sewn, woven clothing tags have an embroidered design with plenty of visual appeal. Combine your custom design with a professional look. Woven labels on a quality satin fabric are just what your clothes need to feel like they belong.

Various sizes, styles, colors, and fonts are available with It’s Mine Labels. Get a custom woven tag or label at a great price for your order size.

Clothing Hangtags

As opposed to labels attached directly to clothes, a more common type of clothing tag is the hangtag. Clothing hangtags are the labels that are attached to clothing, most often with twine or plastic ties, and are intended to be removed after purchase. These tags typically include the price, barcode, size, store name, or other descriptive information for the clothes. The temporary nature of these hangtags mean they’re usually made from paper, and the information and design are usually printed on.

Again, higher-end woven tags are usually only used for the sew in or iron on labels that are a permanent part of the clothing. One reason for this is the cost of embroidering text and icons on the labels, but there is also a limited amount of information woven labels can support. When trying to make price, size, name, and other information easily readable on a single label, print designs are best. This is also why laundry care labels are printed, rather than sewn on.

Custom Woven Hangtags for Luxury Brands

Pretty much all clothes and other apparel sold in a retail setting have hangtags. There may even be multiple hangtags for a single piece of clothing—one created by the retail store and one created by the fashion label. In some ways, luxury fashion labels are the exception that proves the rule when it comes to woven hangtags.

These custom woven tags are an opportunity for brands to generate free advertising and support their brand marketing. Clothing tags can have magnetic backing so they can be stuck on refrigerators. They can have simple instructions that show consumers woven tags can be sewn on to other items. Instead of just twine or plastic, these tags may also be affixed by a beaded metal chain so that they can be used as a keychain. Cultivating that sense of exclusivity and status for your brand isn’t easy, but it can also deliver tremendous value over time. More than just product development, companies want to create signals that the brand is a cut above. Custom woven hangtags are one way to accomplish this.

Discover Our Custom Woven Tags and Labels

It’s Mine Labels has a great selection of sizes and designs for custom woven labels. No matter if you’re looking for luxury brand hangtags, popular sew in labels, clothing tags for personal projects, or name ID labels, you can find what you’re looking for. From 3/8 to one-inch labels, from classic labels to designer labels, for sew in or iron on labels, for more than a dozen styles and colors, you won’t have any trouble creating the perfect tags for your needs. In just a couple weeks, these labels can be produced and shipped to your location. And at a great price. Check out our full catalogue of custom woven labels.

Tips For Smart Back-To-School Shopping

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tips for back to school shopping

Summer seems to slip away all too quickly, and before we realize it, it’s time to get the kids ready to head back to school. Most schools provide supply lists, but as children move into middle and high school this isn’t always the case. It’s best to start out with the necessities before school starts, then after the first week, pick up the rest of the supplies their teachers might require. Once school begins, you may find that basic supplies are cheaper since the back to school shopping season starts about mid-July.

On top of typical school stationery supplies, kids also need clothes, shoes, backpacks, snacks, and more to start the year off right. Here are some tips to finding and buying back-to-school must-haves while saving you $$$:

Sign-up for store emails

During busy times of year, such as the back-to-school season and the holidays, websites usually will offer coupons and discounts to get you to shop on their site. Also, keep an eye out for Labor Day sales if you’re in the U.S. for some great back-to-school deals and end-of-summer discounts.

Shop super early or after school starts

Everyone is getting ready to head back to school at the same time, which means you either have to hit the stores early, at the end of June or early July, or, head in at the start of the first or second week of school. Stores like Target and Walmart start putting new collections of supplies out when school ends, and most items go on sale after the start of the new school year. For trendy items, like backpacks, lunch bags, and pencil cases, you may want to grab those first since they’ll be harder to find once everyone starts collecting their back-to-school goodies.

Buy in bulk

When shopping in general, you’re guaranteed to save some money if you purchase items that get used-up quickly in bulk rather than as you need them. This applies to shopping for school as well. Buy paper, pens, pencils, and other frequently-used stationery items in bulk to last throughout the semester, or even the whole year!

Save on tech

Some middle schools and high schools provide laptops or tablets for students to use throughout the year or the entirety of their time at school. If you need to make the investment for one of these devices, there are sites like Best Buy that offer back-to-school discounts on laptops and tablets for students. Apple, Microsoft and other companies have education pricing and add-on specials when you purchase certain items for education purposes.

Reuse items from the previous year

Shopping for school items can get pricey, especially if you have multiple kids heading back to school. Have your kids go through all their school items from the previous year to see if anything can be used again for the next year – things like backpacks, large binders, water bottles, lunch bags, and pencil cases tend to last a while if they’re looked after well.

Marking your child’s school supplies is a time and money-saver

As sure as the sun rises, kids will lose things. According to a report from Pixie, more than $2.7 billion a year is spent replacing misplaced possessions. While this encompasses all demographics in the U.S., you can help keep your money and school-related items out of lost-and-found statistics. The best way to keep track of things is to use a custom labeling system. Custom woven sew on labels are perfect to add to outerwear, since these items are removed during the day and tend to get left behind and forgotten. For items like sports equipment or water bottles, a custom stick-on name label that is waterproof will stay on and help keep these valuable items out of the lost-and-found box. You can keep a set of spare, blank laundry labels (that you can write on) for incidental items throughout the year, so that if anything ever gets misplaced, it has a better chance of finding its way back to its owner. Check out our back to school labels to see all our best options for labeling kids’ items.

By shopping smart for school and ensuring all of your kids’ items are labeled, you’ll reduce stress for both yourself and your child, and save money throughout the school year.


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