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Suffering from Crafter’s Block? Here Are 5 Simple Ways to Kick Start Your Creativity!

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Just like any other artists who delight in producing original handmade items, crafters experience ebbs and flows in their creative process. No matter how exquisite your knitting, crocheting, sewing, weaving, or quilting skills might be, there will always be times when you feel stuck in a rut, and you need inspiration.

Take a step back and rediscover your spark, with help from your friends at It’s Mine! Labels, makers of the finest woven labels for handmade crafts available online. Here are a few tips to kick start your creativity and, by extension, your productivity as a crafter.

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Browse through our selection of fine custom clothing labels, including our Classic and Designer fabric labels, and you’ll agree: It’s Mine! Labels are the perfect special touch for the handmade crafts you put so much time and energy into creating! 

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Easy Ways to Apply Clothing Labels

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What is the easiest way to put labels on clothing?

Even with all the advances in technology, there are still some chores that rely on personal care and attention.  One of those overlooked but very important tasks, is marking clothes and other belongings with a personalized label or tag, so that if they get mislaid, they can be returned to the owner.  This could be for a variety of reasons:

  • Clothing and linens that belong to a loved one in a nursing home or group home with communal laundry
  • Kids that are attending summer camp
  • Young children attending day care
  • Kids in school who need to keep track of clothes and valuable sports equipment
  • Rental companies or clubs, where an outside facility is used for laundry
  • College students who need to keep track of new personal items

For those people who prefer a traditional way of labeling clothing, an attractive and durable personalized fabric label is often a first choice.  A personalized iron on label is also easy to apply, if one has an iron at home!

Easy options for labeling clothes

  1.  The Snappy Tag System is a new option for putting a personalized tag onto clothing.  The system consists of personalized tags which are etched with the name, together with a Snappy Tag applicator. These clothing tags can be snapped on in just seconds, stay on in the wash, and are removable. The nature of this system also means that it is completely portable and therefore gives people the option of labeling clothes on site.


Laundry labels for clothes

Laundry labels that are durable for nursing homes


2.   Personalized Stick On Clothing Labels are another super-easy labeling option.  These labels are printed with a name (and number if needed) and stick to the satin care labels which are often found on the inside seam of an item of clothing.  The special adhesive on these particular labels is designed to adhere to polyester yarns.  These can be peeled off the backing sheet and stuck on – simple as that!


Standard stick on clothing labels

Stick on labels for clothes


There is a wonderful range of personalized clothing labels and tags available these days, with an ideal solution for each unique item. A small investment which will help ensure that valuable (monetary or sentimental!) belongings are returned safe and sound.

Brought to you by Its Mine Labels


Woven Fabric Labels for Handmade Items

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Custom Fabric Labels for Handmade Items

Custom fabric labels

Custom woven fabric labels for handmade items and clothing


Why Choose Woven Labels?

Millions of people around the world enjoy the almost limitless opportunities in creating handmade items. From young to old, from school craft projects, to complex woven creations, there is a a charm about a unique item made from scratch, that is hard to match.

Fabric labels, which are embroidered with text, are ideal for attaching to pieces made from soft materials.  These can include the name of the creator, contact details, or simply a special sentiment, such as “Made with Love”. Some items where a soft woven label might be appropriate are:

  • Knitted items, such as scarves, shawls, baby clothing, etc.
  • Crocheted items, such as mats, yarmulkes, clothing, etc.
  • Felt items, such as bags and totes, accessories, etc.
  • Handmade clothing, such as dresses, aprons, etc.

Creating a Custom Fabric Label

There are a few things to take into consideration before buying a personalized label.

  • What size label would suit your products?
  • What color combinations would suit your material or business?
  • Would a bold font or a pretty script font work best for you?
  • Would an icon, such as knitting needles or a teddy bear, be appropriate?
  • Do you need contact information on your label?

Working with an experienced label company is very helpful as they will have valuable advice based on years of custom orders. Make sure special handmade items are recognized and cherished well into the future.

Brought to you by Its Mine Labels in the USA

Best Clothing Labels for Hats and Mittens

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Which personalized labels are best for winter clothing?

Best labels for hats and mittens

Best clothing labels for winter hats, mittens and scarves


With winter weather hitting many areas of the country, knitted and fleece hats, gloves and scarves are being unearthed from trunks and the backs of cupboards.  These types of items tend to be the ones that get mislaid most during the course of the winter.  Constantly being put on and taken off, there is ample opportunity to lose them!

Winter hats, gloves and scarves are especially hard to keep track of at school and daycare.  The addition of a personalized clothing label will not only help the young owner find their item, and avoid the anxiety of mix-ups, but is very helpful for the staff who need to return items found in the Lost and Found box.

Personalized Fabric labels

One of the simplest labels to use for identification, is a personalized fabric sewing label.  These tend to be  woven from polyester yarns – durable, colorfast, and stretch-proof – and usually have a single color background and single color for text.  A strong color contrast is best for identification labels.

Sew on labels or iron on labels?

For loosely knitted items, a sew on label works best.  These can be stitched down in each corner in just minutes, and can easily be removed if items are to be passed on to siblings or donated to other families. For items made of fleece, a tagless iron on label will work as an alternative to a sew on label.


For knitted or fleece items with a satin “care” label (often found on an inside seam), an easy-to-apply stick on clothing label is a wonderful solution.  Designed to stick to polyester yarns, these small labels will  safely go through washing and drying cycles.

With so many personalized label options available, there will always be just the right type of label for the garment.

For friendly advice on any labeling needs, just contact It’s Mine Labels!


Custom Sew-On Labels 101

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Everybody that purchases sewing labels does so for a unique purpose, but there are many different questions that everyone can have. Getting the most out of your sewing labels is important because you want to make sure that your custom sew-on labels look good once they’ve been sewn on. Here are some of the basics so that you have the information you need to be sure that your labels look great.

How to Begin Your Design

Often, clothing tags are inside of the clothes, and will never be seen by anyone except the person putting it on. However, there are some situations in which a fancy label is visible, such as on mittens and hats, and especially scarves. If you need to design your custom sew-in tags to go on the inside of a garment, then you don’t need to worry as much about the label matching the garment. It might even be fun to experiment with different colors and pictures! If you need a label that will be seen by everybody, then you will want to make it compliment the garment—or else make it look more neutral against a variety of materials.

Our custom sew-on labels are very versatile and can be applied to anything from a hand-knitted sweater to a delicate sheer dress.

Thread Choice

Your custom sew-on labels need to have the proper thread in order to look their best. It can be difficult to know where to begin, especially if you don’t have as much experience with sewing. Different materials have different needs. For instance, you care for lingerie differently than you would a pair of jeans. Consider the materials that you are working with and what kind of thread you should use. For more information, take a look at this helpful guide on choosing the best kind of thread for your labels.

How to Apply Sew-On Labels

Whether you are using your custom sew-in labels for your business or for personal use, you will need to be able to attach them properly in order to get the most out of them. Even if you are an accomplished seamstress, it would pay off to brush up on the techniques that make these labels look the best. There are different ways that you can sew these labels into your clothing. Many people just stitch the top of the label, but others might prefer to place a stitch at each corner or even to stitch the entire perimeter. Take a look at some of the different ways that people like to apply their labels, and for helpful tips on how to do it yourself.

Designing and sewing in your custom labels doesn’t have to be a daunting task, it might even be fun! For more information on the different kinds of tags available, and to start creating your own, head over to our product page.