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3 Reasons to Label Your Clothes – Don’t Lose Your Layers!

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labeling layered clothing

‘Tis the season for the great morning debate: short-sleeved or long-sleeved? It’s cool in the morning but by lunch time it’s boiling, and time to peel off the layers. Clothing is one of the top ten most commonly lost and left-behind items, especially in places such as hotels, airplanes, buses, trains, and cabs. It seems that the busier we are, the more likely we are to be forgetful, losing some of our favorite clothes in the process. Even more so than adults, children are notorious for misplacing items. The most common items lost by kids are hats, sweaters, and cuddly toys.

Why you should be labeling your items

  1. Labeling clothing items has multiple benefits. The most obvious being that if the item is lost or misplaced, it is much easier to have it returned to you. This is especially important in nursing homes and assisted living facilities where a shawl or sweater can easily be picked up by another resident.
  2. If you’re a parent, it is helpful to label your child’s clothing for the same reasons as above, but also to help when laundry day comes around and you’re wondering “Whose top is this?”
  3. In some cases, your black jacket may look just like someone else’s, and they may wander off with yours instead of theirs. Labeling your items can help keep other people from accidentally adding your things to their wardrobe. Without a label, you have no evidence to support that what you say is yours is yours.

Important Items to Label:

  • Jackets
  • Hoodies
  • Sweaters
  • Backpacks
  • Lunch bags
  • Umbrellas
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Scarves

During the seasonal transition periods, warm clothing items are essential during certain times of the day, but as the day progresses we tend to shed our layers and items are left behind. The best way to make sure things don’t get lost is to try your best to keep track of them, and add a custom label. By labeling your items, you save time, energy, and money. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s a small investment that’s a big-time money-saver.

With the weather cooling down, make sure you stock up on custom clothing labels to ensure the inevitable lost gear is returned to its owner. It’s Mine! offers a wide variety of custom clothing label options, such as woven labels, iron on labels, sew on labels, and snap on clothing tags. The best method for labeling your items is up to you!

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Name Labels for Clothing

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Most everyone can benefit from name labels for clothing. Mix-ups happen, but with our stylish, elegant labels, these mix-ups can be quickly fixed or avoided entirely. Don’t worry. No matter your skill level in sewing, we have an excellent label for you. With It’s Mine Labels, you don’t need to sacrifice style for utility! All of these options are machine washable and made out of high quality material with your comfort in mind.

Iron-On Name Labels for Clothing

Our iron-on clothing tags are a great choice for anyone that needs a durable, attractive name label that is easy to apply. It’s Mine Labels offers a wide range of comfortable, stylish options, each of which are customizable.

  • Standard Labels are easy to read and offer a choice of font and text color over a white background. The ink used to print these labels never runs or fades. These labels are made of a thin synthetic material and are smooth to the touch with rounded edges for comfort and style.
  • For those with sensitive skin, Letter Transferring is a great option. No one likes an itchy tag, but with this iron-on text, you don’t have to worry about any discomfort. Available in black or white, this unique option allows the fabric to stretch freely between each letter of your text. The tag blends seamlessly into T-shirts and other items.
  • Satin Finish Labels are a soft, smooth label and an elegant identifier to your clothing. Available in black or white, you have the option of customizing font, text color, and the choice of a small, stylish icon. These particular labels will need to be stitched in if you plan to wash the item.

Classic Woven Labels

  • Classic Woven Labels will never fade or stretch. These embroidered labels are a long-time favorite of families and businesses, because they look attractive and professional, but are totally customizable. These labels feature large print, easy-to-read block letters, and high-functioning durability. These make great name labels for clothing because they can be attached to a wide variety of fabrics and are available as both iron-ons and sew-ons. These labels are available in sizes 3/8” and 5/8”.

Sew-On Woven ID Labels

  • Woven ID Labels are a great option for small orders. They’re perfect for clothing, blankets, bedding, or other accessories. Functional and attractive, these tags are embroidered. They offer large print and are easy-to-read. Available in 1/2″ and 1” sizes.

Stick-On Labels

  • Stick-On Labels are truly quick and easy to use! They are designed to stick onto the smooth laundry care tag on a garment and last even when washed and dried – all with no sewing or ironing required. These stick-on name labels for clothing are available in a variety of fun prints and designs, perfect for children’s clothes. They also come in more minimal designs.

Snappy Tags®

  • Need a stylish option for labeling items in a hurry? Snappy Tags® can be applied with just a quick click! Available in black or white, and at 1/2” diameter, these tags are a discrete, quick way to identify your clothing or bedsheets. These tags offer simple laser cut text for a clean and easy-to-read design and are suitable for washing machines and dry-cleaning alike. These tags come with an applicator to snap them on, and will not come off unless you remove them with the applicator.

Senior living is one of the most common applications for these clothing tags, but no matter your age or skillset, we have the label for you! For more ideas and to see a wider range of products, you can check out our general resources and main product page.

Custom Iron-On Clothing Labels

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Do you want an attractive clothing label, but prefer not to sew it on? Iron-on clothing labels create an easy and durable application. Take the headache out of customizing your clothing, build a personal brand, and prevent mix ups from happening. It’s Mine Labels offers many beautiful designs as part of our custom label making tool. Create a high-quality, functional label, and personalize your clothing at the same time. Our custom iron-on clothing labels are a testament to the wide range of available style options.

High Quality Labels

With iron-on clothing labels, a concern might be that the label will come off in the laundry, or lose its color over time. These are very durable iron-on clothing labels, and you don’t have to worry about ink bleeding or washing out. With our classic woven labels, all text is embroidered into the label itself. They will never stretch or fade. All of these labels create a durable application and will be just fine through the spin cycle and dryer alike!


It’s important to have a label that suits your needs. As with all of our labels, these iron-on clothing labels are fully customizable, and come with a wide range of choices in font and text color. You also have a choice of a small icon or a fun printed background. Take a little time exploring our products. Then, in just minutes, you can design a totally unique iron-on clothing label—or several—that represents you and your clothes.

Different Types of Custom Iron-On Clothing Labels

There are several things to consider when designing the perfect label, such as size, design options, and if the label will be comfortable. This list of options will help you decide which is the best choice for you.

    • Standard Labels are a great place to start. These custom iron-on clothing labels are good for general use on smooth fabrics and are created with comfort in mind. The thin synthetic material and smooth finish create a seamless effect, so they are a good alternative to larger, itchy tags. The plain white background of the standard iron-on clothing label is a clean addition to any item of clothing or linen.
    • If you are looking for a professional and elegant label, you’re in the right place. Identify your items with a beautiful finishing touch with our Satin Labels. These custom iron-on clothing labels come in black or white and offer the same wide range of customization for fonts and style. Satin finish labels offer 35 attractive, minimalistic icons, and are sized at 1 7/8” x ½”. These labels are soft to the touch and made of thin material with rounded edges. These labels will look lovely wherever you iron them on, but for the best durability, they must be stitched into clothing.
    • Iron-On Letter Transfers are a wonderful option for those with sensitive skin. Your text is printed in individual letters so that when it is applied, the fabric can stretch freely around the text. Available in black or white, these labels are discreet and small, measuring at approximately 3/16” high for upper case and approximately 1/8” high for lower case letters. These transfers are great for T-shirts, as well as other smooth and stretchy fabrics.
    • One of our most popular options, Classic Woven Labels are an attractive way to identify your clothing. These woven letters are embroidered, and you have your choice of background color, text size, text color, and even an additional line of text. You also have your pick of an icon from a list of dozens. These labels come in 3/8” or 5/8”.

    It’s easy to customize the perfect label to suit your needs. These are just a few of the products we have available. Do you need large print or a special color? You’ll find what you’re looking for, along with more designs and examples on our main product page for iron-on labels. There, you can see a full list of labels, and even create and preview your own iron-on clothing labels.

Iron-On Laundry Labels

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Whenever you or a loved one is living in a place with communal laundry, there is always the slight worry that things might get mixed up or lost in the wash. When an article of clothing gets lost in a larger facility like an assisted living center or a college dorm laundry room, it can be very difficult to track down. One way to solve this problem is to identify the items with your name. Iron-on laundry labels are a great way to avoid having to search through the lost and found, and they are customizable for adding some personal style to the process. When clothing has easy-to-read and durable identifiers, it can take the guesswork out of communal laundry, and let you have your clothes and bedding back clean and fresh.

Why Iron-On Laundry Labels?

Busy people, whether you are a college student or a caretaker, need a quick and easy way to avoid laundry room mix-ups. Iron-on laundry labels are simple to apply with a regular household iron, and are customizable with a range of colors and fonts. They’re perfect if you need to attach tags onto many different items in a short amount of time, because there is no stitching required.

Are There Different Choices?

These labels are discrete and meant to go on the inside of your clothing, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t still be stylish. We offer a wide range of label designs that can embody the simple, elegant, and/or classic look that you haven’t quite been able to put your finger on.

You can choose from a wide range of colorful fonts and styles, and from dozens of additional images so that your label blends in with your garment or reflect the wearer’s personality. We even have Fun Labels, which are wonderful for identifying children’s clothing at daycare and similar settings. Especially important for those with sensitive skin, printed labels are smooth to the touch and have rounded corners for additional comfort.

Quality and Durability

These labels are designed to take the headache out of identifying your clothing, so there is no further upkeep after application. Iron-on laundry labels are made of high-quality synthetic material, and they are durable and long-lasting. The ink will never run on printed labels, and embroidered labels will not stretch or fade. These laundry labels are made to last through the washer and dryer. You can rest assured in the high quality of our labels, because they are designed with you in mind.

These are just a few of the time and stress-saving options we have available, but we have even more options available. Maybe you would prefer tagless labels, or a laundry marker. We also carry unique laundry stickers. No matter your requirements, there is a high-quality option to suit your needs. For more information and to check out our wider range of designs, visit our product page to find the perfect labels for you, and our senior essentials page for more great ideas that will take some of the hassle out of communal living situations.

Making a small personalized contribution to reducing waste

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Climate change is currently a large concern for everyone, and consumers are looking for ways to access and switch everyday items to more sustainable options. Choosing products based on the long-term effects of the product or its packaging may have on the environment makes sense if we are mindful about our planet’s future. Rather than purchasing disposable products, such as sponges and paper towels, innovators in the crafting community have created products that are reusable and produce little to no waste, as well as products that can help you personalize your sustainable products.

The facts about waste

More than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators every day – a total of about 22 billion last year. If you use a refillable water bottle, you could save an average of 156 plastic bottles annually. The most common types of waste are cardboard and paper products, organic materials, and textiles. The average family throws away about 6 trees worth of paper each year.

sustainable water bottle label

How to make quick changes

One quick way to save plastic and money is to switch to a reusable water bottle (don’t forget to add personalized stick on name labels!). If you have old towels or other cloths, these can be used as paper towel alternatives. You can try some recipes to make cleaners that are safe for your family and the environment. Making your own cleaners and refilling spray bottles reduces the amount of plastic that ends up in recycling centers in the long term. More and more cities and towns are making reusable shopping bags mandatory. Even if they are not, carrying attractive reusable bags in your car and remembering to take them into the store instead of opting for the paper and plastic bags the stores provide will often earn you a couple of cents off your bill and give your conscience a break. You can donate unwanted items of clothing to charity shops, and clothes that are not in good enough condition can be taken to stores, such as H&M, that recycle textiles(and give you a coupon for doing so).

Think of the items you frequently throw away, can they be replaced with a sustainable alternative? Can the things you buy at the supermarket be replaced with a homemade recipe? 

Steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle

  • Start small – try switching from traditional paper towels to reusable ones.

They come in rolls that mimic the real thing, and they’re equally as absorbent. Using them is the same as well, but instead of ending up in the trash, toss them in the wash and use them again and again. You can either purchase from online sellers on Etsy for example, or try making them for yourself. This is a great way to not only make your carbon footprint smaller, but you can make a nice side income with these sustainable crafts.

  • Gift wrapping that’s a gift to our planet

One of our customers, For You Reusable, creates reusable gift bags which help reduce gift wrap waste and overall paper that piles up in landfills. The average American gives 42 gifts per year. It is estimated that if each person used reusable gift wrap for only 3 of these, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields!

  • Shareable, re-wearable and sustainable items – up-cycled!

Up-cycling is a huge trend, which is great since it helps reduce the amount of unwanted items that end up in the trash. When making and sharing your sustainable crafts, add a custom woven label that lasts as long as your item!


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