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Labels for Your Bag

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Whether you are trying to keep track of all of your child’s bags or you need an easier way to recognize your suitcase when it’s coming off the belt at the airport, bag tags from It’s Mine Labels are a perfect way to label your things. Bag labels come in several different styles, including original bag tags, fun bag tags and fun mini bag tags.

Once you choose the bag tags you need, there are many different designs to choose from to personalize the tags, and several lines of text can be added to each tag. The tags themselves are made from tough plastic material that is similar to the plastic that credit cards are made from. Each tag can be attached to your bags either with a clear rubber band or a small chain.

These bags can be personalized for any age, from infant to senior citizen, and add fun and functionality to your bags, sports bags, instruments, and more.

Do You Need Labels for Hard Objects Fast?

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It’s Mine Labels doesn’t just provide labels for clothing and crafting items; we also have a line of stick-on labels for hard, smooth items that are waterproof, tear-proof and dishwasher safe. Whether you have a child leaving for camp in a week and you forgot to label their toiletries or you need to be more organized around your home, we have the labels you are looking for.

The Stick-On Standard Labels are simple and easy to read, and are printed and shipped the fastest, allowing you to begin labeling much sooner than with other labels. They are ideal for pillboxes, shampoo bottles, lunch boxes, sports or camp equipment, sippy cups and baby bottles, backpacks and more, and there are three different color and font choices currently available. A fun icon can be added as well, and a pack of 50 labels costs just $14, while 100 labels is available for only $20.

Whether you already have a hankering to label or you are just exploring new organization techniques, these labels are unbelievably convenient and helpful.

Is Your Child Heading to Camp this Summer?

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There are many things that need to be done to prepare your child for summer camp, and one of the things that we here at It’s Mine Labels have found to be the most useful are – you guessed it – labels! Children are forgetful, and when they get together in large groups with less adult supervision for nights on end, they tend to be messy as well. This means all of their carefully packed clothes, toiletries and personal items get mixed up and swapped or lost.

By using labels, including iron-on clothing labels, sew-on or stick-on clothing labels and stick-on labels for hard surfaces, you can help your child make sure they don’t lose their things while they are at camp. Order labels with their name in large, clear font and attach them to their pool wear, their clothes, towels, shoes, sporting equipment, flashlights, books, journals, iPods, toiletries and more, and you’ll find more of the things you send them to camp with in their suitcase when they come home from camp.

Tips for Labeling Woven Material

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The label experts at It’s Mine Labels understand that woven products can be some of the most difficult to label, and have conducted many trials to find the perfect labels for these types of products. Here are the basics of what they found.

First, woven products tend to have a more rustic, home-made look to them, and you generally don’t want to finish them off with a label that looks too clean and mass produced. This is why the selection of labels for woven materials is generally made to look slightly more personal with touches like embroidery for the text instead of printed type. The labels are also made from a sturdier material so that they have a hardier feel and need to be sewn on instead of ironed on.

The woven labels can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Classic Woven Labels
  2. Designer Woven Labels
  3. ID Woven Labels

Each is available in different sizes, and the main difference lies in the overall look of each style.

Sophisticated Iron on Labels

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It’s Mine Labels offers many different types of labels for all sorts of products, including one of the largest selections of iron on labels currently available. Iron labels are used on cloth, and can range in use from labeling your own clothing or bedding line to putting fun labels on your children’s clothes. Here are three different types of iron labels that are currently available in the selection:

  1. Standard Labels: These labels are thin, durable and can be ordered with one or two lines of text in a variety of lettering, fonts and colors with or without icons. These labels offer a less noticeable, considerably less itchy alternative to tags, and are perfect for bed sheets and articles of clothing since they bond flat with the fabric without additional stitching being required.
  2. Letters Transfers: These letters offer a tagless alternative to the other labels, and are an excellent option for people who have sensitive skin. They are also perfect for fabrics that are silky and stretchy since they stretch with the cloth.
  3. Ink Transfers: These are similar to the iron-on letter transfers, except in reverse. The letters are the color of the shirt and ink is permanently bonded with the fabric in a label shape around the letters. This type of iron-on label is good for light-colored fabrics that are smooth and stretchy.