Personalized Gifts for the Day of Love

Personalized Gifts for the Day of Love

Once we ring in the New Year, it will be time to get ready for Valentine’s Day. Instead of waiting until the last minute to get your significant other a gift, consider one of the following ideas. This list is full of easy gifts you can use to show your love on that special day. Our clothing labels also make it easy to personalize some of these gifts, so your special someone will always think of you when they see the gift.

  • His and hers pillowcases — This easy gift can be whipped up in just a few minutes. You can buy pillowcases in any color, then simply stitch names onto the case. You can also be creative, and stitch some romantic sayings. Adding a label gives the pillowcase its finishing touch.
  • Pre-planned dates — Every couple should have a least one date night each month. Plan all of the dates for the next year, and give them as a gift. Your significant other can read each one and have something to look forward to — or you can make date night a surprise by choosing a new one every month without knowing what it will be.
  • Coupons — This is a tried-and-true gift. Make a book of special coupons that only your special someone can use. The coupons can include simple things, such as breakfast in bed, and also romantic things, such as candlelit bubble baths. You can add a whimsical stick-on label to give the coupons a polished look.
  • Picture frame notes — For this gift, all you need is an empty picture frame with the glass. You can write on the glass different messages every day to make your partner feel your love all year round. The writing will wipe away with a rag, leaving the glass ready for a new message. Place the frame on your partner’s side of the bed, so he/she will see it first thing every morning.
  • Points of interest — This gift requires only a map of the world. Using pushpins, mark every special location relating to you and your mate. These can include the first place you met, location of your first date, your wedding venue, etc. Also include, using different colored pins, locations that you dream of seeing with your mate. This map will be a visual display of the history of your relationship, as well as where you want to see the relationship go.
  • Flowers with a twist — Instead of just buying a bouquet of roses, give your flowers a little something special. Include a tiny trinket in the vase. If jewelry is on your gift list, add a ring to the stem of one of the flowers, or intricately wind a necklace around the stems. Your partner will love finding the additional gift hidden within the stems and petals.

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a fortune on Valentine’s Day for your mate. All you need to do is think outside of the box, and use your imagination. With a little creativity, you can give your special someone a truly heartwarming gift that displays your love. Be sure to let It’s Mine! take care of all your labeling needs for Valentine’s Day.

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