Personalized Sewing Labels

Personalized Sewing Labels

What makes for good personalized sewing labels? For many, it’s the ability to create a beautiful design that reflects your own brand, style, or business. No matter what your needs are, you can design an elegant and professional label that meets your requirements and surpasses your expectations!

Types of Personalized Sewing Labels

  • Designer Labels: These are available in 1” and 1/2”. These are some of our relatively larger tags, and they can convey more information. These labels are a favorite with small business owners since our 1” label offers up to three lines of text.
  • Classic Woven Labels: These labels come in 3/8” and 5/8”. They have a large selection of different colors and styles, and can be ordered in large quantities, which makes them a favorite amongst business owners.
  • Woven ID Tags: These come in 1” and 1/2”, and feature special large print text, which makes them easy to read. These are a great choice for people needing to ID their clothing for a communal living situation like an assisted living center or daycare for children. The simple and attractive look of these labels make them suitable for all ages.

Find more details and ordering information for these different types of custom sew-on labels.

Color and Style

Many of our labels feature a choice of different background colors, and all of them offer a choice of color for text. All of our lettering is embroidered using high quality floss that will not bleed or fade. Our personalized sewing labels are available with different images to accompany your text, so that you can represent someone’s faith, hobbies, or personality.

Customization Basics

We offer many different basic designs that can be used as a clean slate to begin customizing your own labels. There are many ways to customize our sewing labels without going over budget. Think about the items you will be attaching the labels to, and what colors might be the best compliment to them. It’s hard to go wrong with a neutral color palette, and some of our savvy customers like to sew a simpler tag onto their garment with something decorative like colored thread or ribbon.

Many of our labels have options for different background colors, thread colors, and even different images. Feel free to mix and match before settling on a design.

How to Design a Label

For many people, the first step to design a great label is deciding what kind of material you will be attaching your label to. Many of our customers use our products for their homemade crafts, or to promote their brand. Still others use personalized sewing labels to indicate their loved ones’ items in a communal living or daycare situation. Will you be needing a versatile label that can be attached to many different kinds of surfaces? Or do you prioritize efficiency, and will be satisfied with an iron-on label? Determine your needs first.

When you’re ready to begin designing your label, all of our different tags have pictures of the unique designs some of our customers have already created. Feel free to use them as inspiration when you are designing your personalized sewing labels. It might also be helpful to use our preview tool to see your design before you purchase.

Ready to get to work customizing your design? Need some inspiration for your designs? For more information and a full list of products, visit us here to explore all of the possibilities for personalized labels.

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