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Pretty Labels for Knitted Items

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Adding a woven label to knitted items

If you love knitting, and give your finished pieces to family and friends, adding a pretty custom woven label can be a very thoughtful touch. Creating a label with your own choice of text, attractive lettering and background colors, and perhaps a sweet icon, is easy to do, and gives a final loving touch to the finished item.


Woven Sewing Labels for Handmade Items

labels for knitting


  • A woven sewing label is easy to apply.  Simply tuck under each end of the label and stitch down in each corner!
  • Think about what sentiment you would like to impart to the recipient.  “Made with love by Grandma”, “Prayerfully made for you”, “With love for you in every stitch”…the options are endless!
  • Text can be meaningful in other ways.  Sometimes items are given in memory of a loved one, and adding their name to the label ensures that their memory will live on.
  • Choose an icon that is significant to you.  A ball of yarn and needles is always popular, but an adorable lamb, a flower, an angel, can also be the perfect touch.
  • Choose an appropriately sized label for your needs.  If you are knitting baby sweaters, a narrow 3/8″ wide label could be ideal.  If you are knitting blankets, a label that is 1″ wide and can accommodate 3 lines of text, might suit your purposes better.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about our knitting labels, and we will be happy to offer some advice!

The It’s Mine! Team