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Printed Labels

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There are many different kinds of clothing labels that are available, including tagless ink transfers, woven clothing labels and printed labels. While woven labels have a classic feel, printed labels are essential for many clothing businesses and boutiques. Many stores will choose custom woven labels for their main label, and printed labels for the clothing care label. Here are some tips to help you create the best custom printed clothing labels:

  • Printed labels don’t have the same constrictions that woven labels have. Intricate logos can be reproduced almost exactly on these labels since they are being printed instead of stitched or woven. If you have a very intricate label design, you may want to choose a printed label over a more traditional woven one.
  • Use printed labels for your clothing care label. The words will be more readable and clearer, thus helping you avoid liability if a customer should care incorrectly for their garment and damage it. If you choose a woven label and the instructions are unreadable, you may be liable for any damage.
  • Make sure you research the label printing companies you are considering before you place your order. They should be using a reliable printing method for your printed labels; otherwise they may not last very long, or the words may be smudged because of poor quality. Several reliable printing methods are thermal printing, hot stamp, computer generation and flexo printing.

Printed labels are the perfect choice for many different applications. Make sure you find a reliable company that uses good methods, and design your label well, before ordering your printed labels.