Protect Your Work

Protect Your Work

Many crafters and small clothing designers neglect their clothing tags. Making sure you have a reliable, easily identifiable label can be one of the most important steps in protecting your design.

If you work in other areas of art, such as painting, photography, or films, you copyright your work by painting your name on the bottom corner, attaching your name and information to the file by writing it into the data, or including captions, so people know who created and owns the work. With clothing, though, there is no bottom corner or computer code that can be added or altered so that people know whose design they are wearing.

To protect your designs and give your store legitimacy, it is important that you design and order custom clothing labels. The type of label is a matter of taste, but whether you prefer sewn in labels or iron on clothing labels, it is important that you include your name and or company name, at the very least, and a website and company logo, in addition, at the most.

The information is the most important component of a label, but you also want it to be aesthetically attractive so your customers don’t necessarily remove it the minute they get their clothes home. Try to match the colors to your company colors, pick a font that is easy to read but still attractive and make sure the entire label doesn’t look too cramped. If you need help designing your perfect label, you can always call It’s Mine Labels at 1-866-695-2235 for assistance or answers to any questions you may have.

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