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Questions to Decide Between Woven and Printed

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As we have discussed before, custom woven labels and printed clothing labels both have many uses in the clothing industry. You still may have a difficult time choosing which to design and order for your clothing line. Here are several key questions to ask in making your decision:

  • How is your label being used? This is the first and perhaps easiest question to ask. Different labels have different purposes, and these purposes can help you decide which is best. Some are used as decoration, some used for designer recognition or branding, and others are used to add quality and character to the clothing item. If the label is used on the inside of the garment, either can work, but if it is used on the outside of the garment for decoration, you should opt for woven, as printed labels will fade over time.
  • How detailed is your custom clothing label? If your artwork is highly detailed and complex or has many small details, you should use printed labels. Printed labels ensure that details will be preserved, while woven labels can’t recreate such details accurately.
  • How are you branding your product? Printed labels are appealing, but are often seen as lower quality, while woven labels are seen as high-end and timeless. If you want your label to be known as affordable and low cost, opt for printed label. If you are aiming to establish a luxury or high quality clothing brand, always opt for woven labels, and simplify your logo so that it can be easily read in the weave.