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Reasons to Label Everyone’s Clothes — Even the Adults

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Have you ever thought about adding labels for clothing to all of the clothes in your home? Sure, you’ve probably thought about once or twice for your kids’ clothes, but what about your clothes? Your husband’s clothes? The truth is that clothing labels are perfect for everyone in the family — and here are some reasons why!

  • Labels help keep clothes exactly where they belong — in your home. If you have overnight guests frequently, or your kids have friends over a lot, labels ensure that no one accidentally walks off with your favorite shirt. If your kids stay over at friends’ homes a lot, labels ensure that the clothes come back home without hassle.
  • Labels keep kids from fighting over clothes. If you have daughters close in age, you already know how girls can argue over clothes, especially if they have some of the same items. Labels keep the clothes separate, so if one daughter stains her favorite shirt, she can’t try to claim ownership of her sister’s duplicate shirt — and one less argument in your home is one less stress on your mind!
  • Labels add a personal touch to clothing. Here at It’s Mine Labels, our labels can be personalized in a variety of ways. You can choose from different fonts, colors, and lines of text, allowing you to create gorgeous labels that everyone in your family will be proud to wear!

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