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Reasons to Use Name Labels

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Name labels can be used for many different reasons, from practical to sentimental. Here are a few of our favorite reasons to add name or brand labels to the garments you buy and those you create.

  1. Many people choose to put labels in clothes that they make for their friends or family members, so that they see the label when they put on the clothes and think of them. For instance, if you make your kids or grandkids a sweater every Christmas, and you don’t already have a cute Christmas label to remind them of your love, consider adding one. The label can be iron on clothing labels, custom woven labels or even stick on labels, and the design doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated.
  1. If you have an immediate family member that tends to lose their clothing, like a child who goes to summer camp or daycare, or an elderly loved one in a retirement home, name labels can be a huge help in making sure they get all of their belongings back. These labels can be discreet and small, with a name on them, or large and colorful to make them more visible, as long as they have the necessary information that will allow them to be returned if they are lost.
  1. If you have a baby, you may find it helpful to add small tags along with the name labels that have their age when they wore the garment. This way you have the information, later for memory’s sake, and you can easily find the clothes you are looking for when you are trying to pass them down to another child.