Ribbon Dish Towels

Ribbon Dish Towels

Ribbon dishtowels look wonderful with whimsical sewing labels added for a perfect housewarming gift. You might just like these towels enough to make a set for yourself. Don’t forget to add the labels before you put away the sewing machine. If you are planning to give the towels away, tie with a pretty ribbon.

  1. Start with store-bought dishtowels in your favorite color.
  2. Choose several different colors and patterns of fabric ribbon. Finish the end of each ribbon with a zigzag stitch. Turn the ribbon under and stitch it down.
  3. Turn the ribbon under and pin it to the backside of the towel. Stitch it down across the towel’s seam as close to the edge of the towel as possible.
  4. Sew as close to the end of the ribbon across the towel. Backstitch at the edge of the towel. Cut the threads when finished.
  5. Trim the ribbon at 1 inch beyond the edge of the towel. Zigzag stitch the edge of the towel, and then turn under and stitch.
  6. Wrap the finished edge to the backside of the towel and stitch in place.
  7. Add more ribbons 1/2 to 1 inch apart from each other. Choose colors and patterns that complement each other. Add up to three to five ribbons to each dish towel.

This project is easy and great for beginners. You can complete each towel in about 10 to 15 minutes. The towels look adorable, and you can customize them for each gift or to match the current decor in your kitchen.

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