Save Money by Sewing Your Own Children’s Clothing with Custom Clothing Labels

Save Money by Sewing Your Own Children’s Clothing with Custom Clothing Labels

Children tend to outgrow their clothing rather quickly. It can become expensive keeping your youngster in clothes, especially when they get growth spurts. You might feel like you just bought new clothes for your child, only to turn around a few months later having to buy them bigger sizes. One way you can save money on children’s clothing is sewing your own clothes and using custom clothing labels.

Custom Clothing Labels

Even though finding the right fabrics can be somewhat challenging, there are other economical ways to get the materials you need to make children’s clothes, including:

  • Shop adult clearance and bargain bins. Often adult clothes are less expensive, and you can take apart the clothing to source the fabric you require for your youngster.
  • Shop online for fabrics. Most retail fabric stores have downsized their selections, and what they do carry tends to cost more than their online selections. In addition, you can find fabric online for 40 to 50% off, or more, than prices in-store. Plus, many fabric suppliers offer free shipping with minimum purchases.
  • Scour the Internet for free children’s clothing patterns. There are tons of free clothing patterns for children to be found online that you can download and print.
  • Combine outgrown clothes into new pieces. Take a few shirts or a few pairs of pants your child no longer fits into and use these to create a new piece of clothing, like making a new striped t-shirt in different colors, or a pair of shorts.

Labels for Clothing

  • Buy patterns when they are on sale. Patterns go on sale quite frequently and, if you become familiar with a store’s sales cycles, you can pick up patterns for a few dollars or less.
  • Buy sewing supplies in bulk. It can be cheaper to buy thread, zippers, buttons, and labels in bulk, rather than in smaller quantities.

By using these tips, you will be able to keep your child in clothes and save money at the same time. Remember to finish your new children’s clothing pieces with your own personalized clothing labels from It’s Mine Labels. Call 1.866.695.2235 now for more information or assistance in selecting labels for your child’s clothing.

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