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Sew-In vs. Iron-On

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Sew-In vs. Iron-On

For many different types of clothing, excepting most knitted items and more delicate items like thin silk scarves that require sewn tags, you can choose between iron-on clothing labels or sew-in labels. Here are some advantages to each type of clothing label:

Iron On

  • The time and supplies required to attach iron-on labels is typically lower than those required for sew-in labels. While you do need to know how to iron safely, most people own an iron. Many people don’t own a sewing machine, however, and if they don’t, they may not have the time to sew in each label.
  • Iron-on labels are much easier than sew-in labels to attach to oddly shaped pieces of clothing, such as hats, ties or other pieces. They are also easier attach to thicker parts of garments, such as the cuffs or collars of dress shirts.
  • Since iron-on labels bond almostly permanently with the cloth they are attached to, they will last through many washes without peeling off.

Sew On

  • These labels can be attached to any type of cloth, no matter how delicate or heat sensitive it is. It can also be easily taken off if your goal is to attach a less permanent label, or it can be kept for the lifespan of the garment since the thread won’t deteriorate unless you don’t tie it well.
  • These labels can be attached with great speed if you have access to a sewing machine, and can be attached to almost any part of your garment, as long as you are familiar with how your machine works.