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Sewing Zippers 101: Tips

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When you plan to use your sewing labels on your projects, you must make sure they are worthy of the label. One thing that is hard to sew onto clothing is a zipper. Zippers are a nice alternative to buttons and snaps. You can add zippers to most types of clothing projects and many other DIY sewing projects you decide to try. Below are some tips for sewing on zippers.

  1. Two important tools you need to sew on a zipper are scotch tape and a seam ripper. You use the tape to secure the zipper in place, and the seam ripper to remove the seam of your fabric.
  2. You must have a zipper foot to properly install the zipper. A regular foot will just keep getting caught on the zipper and make it very difficult to sew it on. The zipper foot looks different from a regular one, due to the lack of two feet; it only has one.
  3. Before sewing on a zipper, you can stitch your seam first. This ensures that your seam is straight and that the zipper is positioned perfectly over it.
  4. When you stitch the zipper on, you’re going to do it right side up. This is why you need to use the tape. You can mark the zipper stops with a pin, which will mark where you start and stop sewing.
  5. After you sew the zipper on, use the seam ripper to remove the initial seam. In doing so, your zipper is placed perfectly.

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