Shoe Label Covers

Shoe Label Covers

If your child always seems to be losing one or both of their shoes, whether they lose them at sports practice, dance recitals, summer camp, or somewhere else, you may want to discreetly label their shoes. This will ensure that they are returned, and if you place the labels carefully inside the shoe, no one need know they are labeled until they are lost, saving your child from embarrassment.

The label covers for shoes from It’s Mine Labels are clear, stick-on labels, and are the best method for converting other stick on name labels into durable labels for shoes. They also work well on other stick-on custom clothing labels on garments where other sewing labels don’t work as well, such as ponchos or windbreakers.

Once you place a small-sized stick on original label on a shoe, either inside on the sole, under the tongue, or on the outside on the heel of the shoe, you place one of the extra sticky clear covers over the top. These prevent the labels from wearing, peeling or fading due to excessive moisture, friction and use, and will keep the labels inside and outside your children’s shoes looking like new for months to come.

These are ideal for dress shoes, sneakers, cleats, sandals, rain boots and more, and allow you to label your child’s shoe without having to find a permanent marker. They cost $2 for ten labels, which will label five pairs of shoes, and they ship quickly. Regardless of how old your children are, consider purchasing these labels to help them keep closer track of their shoes.

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