Small Business Labels

Small Business Labels

In working on branding and marketing, many small clothing businesses overlook the importance of having appealing, well-designed labels. While a good logo and a cohesive overall look are important, and advertising is crucial for bringing in customers, labels act as both an advertisement and a copyright on your clothing designs.

Make sure you include your business name, a logo if you have one that is simple enough to read well when it is stitched or printed small on your label, and include any relevant contact information you need, such as a phone number or a website. This will keep other companies from being able to steal your designs and get away with it, and will help your customers remember your store and tell their friends about it.

Here are some labels that are ideal for small clothing stores and designers:

  • Classic woven sew-in labels make the perfect name label for clothes. They have a standard, classy look and are relatively easy to attach to a range of garments. They can be sewn all around the edge, on one side of the label or on two sides of the label, depending on your preference and the garment.
  • The sew-in designer labels have a slightly more sophisticated look than the classic woven labels, and come in a variety of base colors with a wider range of color threads for the information.
  • Iron-on satin clothing labels are easy to attach, bond to clothes, and cause less irritation for people with sensitive skin. The lack of stitching and the softer fabric make them softer on all types of skin.

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