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Sophisticated Iron on Labels

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It’s Mine Labels offers many different types of labels for all sorts of products, including one of the largest selections of iron on labels currently available. Iron labels are used on cloth, and can range in use from labeling your own clothing or bedding line to putting fun labels on your children’s clothes. Here are three different types of iron labels that are currently available in the selection:

  1. Standard Labels: These labels are thin, durable and can be ordered with one or two lines of text in a variety of lettering, fonts and colors with or without icons. These labels offer a less noticeable, considerably less itchy alternative to tags, and are perfect for bed sheets and articles of clothing since they bond flat with the fabric without additional stitching being required.
  2. Letters Transfers: These letters offer a tagless alternative to the other labels, and are an excellent option for people who have sensitive skin. They are also perfect for fabrics that are silky and stretchy since they stretch with the cloth.
  3. Ink Transfers: These are similar to the iron-on letter transfers, except in reverse. The letters are the color of the shirt and ink is permanently bonded with the fabric in a label shape around the letters. This type of iron-on label is good for light-colored fabrics that are smooth and stretchy.