How to Start a Small Fashion Line from Home

How to Start a Small Fashion Line from Home

When you browse through the designer clothing labels at your local department store, you are probably shocked by some of the prices you see. It’s true — there is a lot of money to be made in the fashion world. If you have an eye for style and a hand for sewing, you just might be able to cash in on a little bit of that money by creating your own unique clothing line. The stylish labels we offer here at It’s Mine! will make the perfect finishing touch to your creations.

The first step in starting your own little line of fashions is to determine what kind of clothing you will be making. One of the easiest pieces to start with is a regular t-shirt. You can embellish them with different designs, jewels, pictures, and much more. T-shirts also come in a wide range of colors, so you can make designs for boys and girls, as well as for just about any occasion.

Your line of fashions should have a unique name — something that will help spread the word about your designs. You can find a way to incorporate your own name into the brand, or you can go for something completely original. Just make sure the brand name reflects your personal style. Our labels are available in numerous styles and designs, so you will have no trouble finding the perfect label to represent your small business.

Now that you know what you are going to make, and you know what your brand name will be, you can start designing your fashions. You want to create a demand for your products, so begin by giving your fashions as gifts to friends and family. If they go over well enough, word will soon get around about your unique designs. It is also a good idea to utilize social media for letting people know about your products. Facebook and Twitter are two of the best places to start, as well as Instagram and LinkedIn.

When pricing your designs, be reasonable. These are unique fashions made by your very own hands. So, while you don’t want to overcharge your customers, you also don’t want to shortchange yourself. Consider the time and supplies used while making each product, to ensure that you make a small profit from each item sold, rather than just barely breaking even.

Finally, if your fashion designs fail to take off and make you the next runway sensation, at least you can still give them as gifts. Everyone loves a unique gift, and nothing says “I love you” more than a one-of-a-kind, handmade gift. You can still use our labels, so the recipient will always remember who made it. You can even add a special message on the label.

To learn more about our selection of labels and the various uses for them, contact us at It’s Mine! From beginner fashions to the runway, our labels are sure to help make your designs a big hit — even if it’s only within your circle of friends and family.

Small Fashion Line from Home

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