Stick-On Labels for Children’s Belongings

Stick-On Labels for Children’s Belongings

You already know that your children’s clothing needs labels. Even if you don’t have trouble telling the difference between your son and daughter’s clothing, someone else might. For instance, if you send your child to camp, you want to make sure that her clothes make it back home. However, there are other children’s items that can make use of name labels — and It’s Mine Labels is the place to go for ALL of your labeling needs!

We have a huge selection of stick-on labels that can be used for a wide range of items, including:

  • Shoe labels — these fun labels can be adhered to the inside of your child’s shoes, so you never have to worry about her coming home with someone else’s pair of boots on.
  • Mini labels — our mini labels are perfect for labeling school supplies. From pens and pencils, to notebooks and books, these labels will ensure that your child’s supplies always find their way home.
  • Standard labels — our standard labels are great for larger items, such as backpacks and boxes of crayons. You can stick these labels to just about anything, and they are waterproof and tear-proof.
  • Allergy labels — these must-have labels are ideal to have if your child suffers from life-threatening allergies. You can add one to your child’s cups at home or his water bottle at school — even stick one on his lunch box, so his teachers always remember his allergies.

Contact us today at It’s Mine Labels for more labeling tips and ideas to keep track of your children’s belongings, as well as our selection of labels for you!

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